Climate Changers: What can hot dogs do for the climate?

30-10-2009 13:39
The world’s most travelled hot dog stand is Danish. Its owner Fanny Posselt is travelling the world to raise awareness about climate and environmental issues by handing out free hot dogs.

And she is not alone in taking action on climate change. In the Philippines, university students are part of a major scheme to replant mangroves destroyed by oil-spills, and in Germany so-called carrot mobs shop till they drop in selected stores whose owners then promise to invest the extra turnover in energy-saving light bulbs or alternative energy for the store.

You can find these stories and many more on a companion website to the conference website. The stories are written by international journalists enrolled on the 2009 Erasmus Mundus Masters on Media and Globalisation.

Before coming to Aarhus, the students were asked to write about a person or group in their respective home countries who were making a difference on issues of climate change. This approach to reporting climate change is often ignored in mainstream media but as the website demonstrates, it can produce very valuable and inspiring stories.

By the way, did you know that the world’s first carbon neutral festival took place in Denmark earlier this year? Bicycles provided the power for the DJ’s lights and the loudspeakers.

Meet the Climate Changers

by Kirsten Sparre

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