Opening session questions the value of value research

30-10-2009 13:25
What is the value of value research on climate change? So blunt is the question for the panel dialogue that is part of the opening session for the conference Tuesday 3 November from 14.00-17.30.

Professors in philosophy, education, journalism and economic psychology will be challenged to explain how their research and professions can help the citizens of the world to take moral responsibility for climate change.

Two representatives from Danish businesses with world wide representation will be asked what they can contribute, and one of the organisers of the alternative People’s Climate Summit will explain how they will ensure that all cultures are heard when 10,000 people meet in Copenhagen in December.

On the panel are professor Fred Dallmayr,USA, professor Timothy Reagan, USA, professor Susanna Priest,USA, professor John Thøgersen, DK, chairman of the board for Grundfos Niels Due Jensen, Jacob Sterling from Maersk Line, and Kristine Holten-Andersen, People’s Climate Summit.

Read the press release with all the information about the opening session

By Kirsten Sparre

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