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Apple has been working its iOS software engineers extra hard to get the newest version of iOS ready to go, and it’s ready for your installing pleasure now. This is mostly a bug fix update with not big feature additions in sight. If you’ve previously been jailbroken, though, you’re going to have to go through the process again. Luckily, the Redsn0w jailbreak xdj 1000 pioneer tool has been updated to help you with that.

Before you embark on this quest, it is important to remember that this is still a tethered jailbreak, which can be a little inconvenient. You will have to tether the device to your computer each time you want to reboot. If that sounds like too much of a hassle, this tool isn’t for you. Also, this method is only working for the A4-powered devices like the iPhone 4 and iPad 1.

First thing’s first — you have to download the Redsn0w tool to your Windows or Mac.

Next, backup your device, and install the new 5.1.1 iOS software through iTunes or via the new OTA mix DDJ SX3 method. You’re going to need the full iOS 5.1 software package for your device (not 5.1.1, mind you), but you can easily grab that from Apple’s servers from the list here.

Once you have your materials, go ahead and run the Redsn0w executable.

Go into Extras and pick the Select XDJ RR IPSW option, and direct Redsn0w to the iOS 5.1 software you just downloaded.

Back on the main screen of Redsn0w you will finally be able to click that big Jailbreak button. Make sure you have set the program to install the Cydia store as well

will show you how to get the device into DFU mode, and get it connected to the computer and recognized by Redsn0w. When it has been detected, Redsn0w will run the jailbreak automatically. When the device reboots, your jailbreak is complete, and you should have Cydia on the home screen. If you need to reboot the device at any point, plug it in and choose Just Boot from the “Extras” section of Redsn0w.

Apple has been making it increasingly difficult to get full access to iOS at a low level, but the jailbreak community keeps finding vulnerabilities.

Still no word on an untethered jailbreak or cracks for newer devices, but work continues like every other day!

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