NOKIA N97 - first impressions

Hey everyone,

I've my N97 for 8/9 days now and thought i'd put up my impressions on it so far.

I initially traded it for my Hero, I wanted to try something different, with more memory, quicker, and that I could use primarily as a music player and camera.

The GPS navigation works perfect.

When I recived my N97 I thought the ergonomics were perfect. I've big hands and it fits perfect in them, even pressing the buttons on the keyboard is quite comfortable.

After messing around with the phone (it has latest F/W, I checked today, it's v2.something?) for a while, I found it amazing. I was weary when waiting for it to come that I might be getting a buggy device but thankfully I was wrong.

I think its safe to say the N97 is the best device I have ever used, hands down. Its so easy to use and fast, and 99% of the time there is no lag (1% for when I change wallpaper, takes 2 or 3 portrait to landscape switches to get used to new wallpaper) but its amazing.

I was very impressed with the camera.Although there isn't much setting it seems to be spot on and no blur at all. I havn't got the infamours ''left side flash'' that destroyed pictures, thanksfully.

The music player is excellent. The quality is quite good, loudspeaker could be a little louder, but it is no problem.

The internet is quite good. I use the standard broswer and via 2G + Wifi it is quick and loads youtube Videos in an instant. I'm very happy with this Røde microphones

I love the way it can charge via USB microfon cable supplied, very handy! Also the contents in the box are quite genorous so I was very pleased!

This is just a real general view of the phone, any questions just hit me!

It's safe to say i'll be keeping this for a good while, I can't see any flaws at all as of yet and i'm very happy with this, I only hope that Nokia's new FW release will help other people as it's an amazing device.

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