Kurilean Bobtail Pedigree Database on Pawpeds
Pawpeds is a public online pedigree database for cats, dog, horses, ferrets and rabbits.
The individual breeds are maintained and updated by breeders or others who are interested in the individual breed. The Kurilean Bobtail database was created on December 3, 2011

Pawpeds is a relevant tool in breeding, where you can see the breeding percentage, make test matings and check the lines if possible. new cats to buy home. On the single cat you can see 10 generations if they are entered in the Database.

For the Kurilean Bobtail, only Jeanette Trillingsgaard is currently approved to place pedigrees in the database. if you want your pedigree inserted, you can send Jeanette an email to byjeatri@gmail.com with a clear picture / copy of the pedigree. The pedigree must contain pedigree numbers and chip numbers.

Pedigree numbers and chip numbers are not visible to the public and are not given to third parties, they are only used to secure a correct database. Also, no owner is registered on the individual cats, only which country they are born and reside in.

It is important that the pedigree is not in Russian as this cannot be properly translated with google.

Jeanette does not receive requests for Pawpeds on Facebook or her private mail, cf. the Personal Data Act
Send your request to Pawpeds to:      byjeatri@gmail.com
Kurilean bobtail breeder in EU  | kurbob.breed@gmail.com