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  • Communication

    • Contact form (free of charge)
      People who visit your website can get in touch with you by filling out the predefined fields of your contact form. You decide which fields should be included in the form as well as the number of required fields.The optional module 'Extended contact form' allows you to add your own custom fields (text elements, dropdown menus, checkboxes and radio buttons).You can also charge your SMS account at favourable prices if you want to receive a text message whenever a contact form is completed on your website.
      EURO 0
    • Feed Reader (free of charge)
      The Feed Reader is the easy way to update news on your website. The module is set up to present RSS and Atom news feeds. The so-called news feeds are electronic news channels provided by both private persons (in blogs etc.) and companies.A list of general news feeds is available in the module. These news feeds are easy to upload on your website, but you may also select other news feeds according to your specific requirements.
      EURO 0
    • Google Maps (free of charge)
      Show your location on a fancy map from Google Maps. You only have to type in your address and let the module do the rest.The application of this feature is particularly relevant on pages with driving directions, contact information etc.
      EURO 0
    • Guestbook / noticeboard
      Invite your visitors to leave personal messages on your website.
      You add guestbooks in the same way as text sections etc. This means that you can add as many guestbooks as you need (on all your standard pages).
      EURO 6
    • Blog and news

      The Blog & News Module enables you to control your own stream of news. The news can be displayed on welcome pages, standard pages and conventional blog pages, which are integrated on your existing website. 


      The module automatically generates a so-called RSS feed for each of your news channels. Use the Feed Reader Module to insert the feed on your website. Alternatively, you could use external feed readers. 


      Your blog page can be made accessible through a menu item, your quick links (top links) or by adding a traditional link. The blog page comprises standard elements such as a search field, categories, recent news items, tags and RSS links.

      EURO 17
    • 25 text messages
      Receive text messages directly on your mobile phone when your visitors fill out a contact form, add new posts to the guestbook, or place orders in your webshop.The SMS Module is available under the Message Center where you can select which of the actions above should be linked to the SMS service.Besides, you may add as many mobile phone numbers as required (note, however, that only Danish, Swedish, German and Norwegian numbers are allowed).Our SMS service is an effective way to receive information about the various activities on your website, so that you can reply to all messages as quickly as possible.
      EURO 5
    • 100 text messages
      Receive text messages directly on your mobile phone when your visitors fill out a contact form, add new posts to the guestbook, or place orders in your webshop.The SMS Module is available under the Message Center where you can select which of the actions above should be linked to the SMS service.Besides, you may add as many mobile phone numbers as required (note, however, that only Danish, Swedish, German and Norwegian numbers are allowed).Our SMS service is an effective way to receive information about the various activities on your website, so that you can reply to all messages as quickly as possible.
      EURO 12
    • 50 text messages
      Receive text messages directly on your mobile phone when your visitors fill out a contact form, add new posts to the guestbook, or place orders in your webshop.The SMS Module is available under the Message Center where you can select which of the actions above should be linked to the SMS service.Besides, you may add as many mobile phone numbers as required (note, however, that only Danish, Swedish, German and Norwegian numbers are allowed).Our SMS service is an effective way to receive information about the various activities on your website, so that you can reply to all messages as quickly as possible.
      EURO 8
  • Design & photo

    • Design templates (free of charge)
      Choose from a variety of attractive design templates. A design template represents the graphical framework of your website. New templates are added continuously. As a supplement to our free design templates, you can purchase a custom template and thereby get a more unique layout on your website. If you want more information about unique designs, you are very welcome to contact us.
      EURO 0
    • Galleries (free of charge)
      The Gallery Module is an easy-to-use tool if you wish to display photos on your website. You can add captions below all your photos. Choose from several different display modes (new modes are added continuously):- Slideshow- Thumbnail images- Large images
      EURO 0
    • Mobile Website

      Good news: With this module your visitors don’t have to do anymore zooming in and out to read and see your content! With Mobile Website you’ll get a 100% mobile friendly website which will automatically be displayed when the website is being visited via a smartphone or tablet. In our simple control panel you can upload a custom logo for the mobile website (optional) and choose between a dark and light design theme.

      The mobile version of your website works as a responsive design that will automatically adjust to the size of the screen. This means that the mobile website theoretically will work well on everything from small phone screens to large monitors.

      The mobile website will be accessible on or (if you are using your own custom domain).

    • Slideshow
      Make impressive presentations on welcome pages, standard pages and in side bars. This module comprises a total of three different slideshow types, each offering exciting effects and customization options. The three types available cover a slideshow with outstanding visual effects and two trendy slideshows, which are fully compatible with iPhone/iPad.Ample opportunity for customizationSlideshow comprises a vast array of customization options on a user-friendly interface. With only a few clicks of your mouse, you can successfully create a slideshow based exclusively on standard settings and your own pictures. If, however, you would like to add other features to your presentation, you have plenty of opportunities to experiment with effects, customized navigation icons etc.Individual settings for each slideshow elementYou can choose general settings (for all slideshow elements) or adjust the effects, colours etc for each slideshow element."Show it, don't tell it" - check out our demo website hereWe could make a long and detailed description of how the Slideshow module works, but we would much rather give you some examples of the new opportunities available to you. So remember to check out our demo website here for further details.Replacing Front-page slideshow 2Slideshow replaces the former Front-page slideshow 2. One of the main reasons for this replacement is that especially the many customization options allow us to cover far more areas than before. You still have access to Front-page slideshow if you have already acquired this module, but it will no longer be available for purchase in our online shop.
      EURO 21
    • Design Studio
      Design Studio is the key to creating customized designs in a simple and intuitive way. The module is directed at both first-time users and advanced users with knowledge of CSS.
      Copy and customize
      You can copy and customize all design templates in the system as you see fit. This means that you can create up to three customized designs. You decide how many changes you want to make. Some users may find it relevant to select a pre-designed template and only change elements such as background colour or the colour of the menu items. Others may prefer to build their own design right from scratch.
      Design of template elements
      Design Studio does not allow you to change the structure of the templates, which some users already know from other template versions. However, with only a few clicks of the mouse, you'll get easy access to a series of template elements, including:
      • Background
      • Logo
      • Top menu/submenu
      • Fields on welcome pages
      • Top, middle, bottom (both full screen width and content width)
      • Quick links
      • Typographies
      • And much more
      Each element contains a number of settings for background, font, dimension, borders etc. The elements that support the background design can also be customized with background files, which are easy to upload to the module via drag/drop.
      Simple vs. advanced editor
      Do you prefer to click through colours, sizes and fonts, or would you rather write the corresponding CSS code yourself? It is entirely up to you!
      For each of your own designs, you can switch between a simple and an advanced editor. The simple editor provides you with user-friendly elements (colour selection, dropdowns etc), whereas the advanced editor only contains a list of website elements and a CSS editor. It is also possible to combine both editors in one single design.
      Customization on each page
      The module allows you to customize/adjust the basic design. In this way, you can create customizations (e.g. another background colour) and activate them for selected pages or for an entire language version (note that the module for language versions is required).
      Preview before activation
      While you are working on your own design, it will be temporarily activated, allowing you to follow the development directly on your website. Only you can see the temporary preview - not the visitors on your website.
      When your design is finished, you can choose to activate it and show the whole world your creative skills.
      EURO 27
    • Front-page slideshow 3
      Skab dine egne flotte slideshows med titel, tekst, baggrundsbillede og link. Modulet har Powerpoint-lignende karakter og er velegnet til at skabe hurtigt overblik over produkter og andre fokusområder. 
      Et slideshow kan rumme op til 10 slides (præsentationer / sider), der hver kan have individuelle indstillinger for titel, tekst, baggrund og link. Elementerne kan præges med farver, størrelser baggrundsbillede (eller bare en farve) og animationstype. 
      Den overordnede højde på præsentationen kan desuden sættes efter behov. 
      Bemærk: Der kan indsættes ét slideshow af typen 'Liv på forsiden 3' på en side. 
      EURO 16
    • Front-page slideshow 1
      Bring life to the front page of your website with slideshow filmstrip. This module allows you to present your favourite photos on the front page by means of an attractive flash slideshow.The module retrieves the photos from your existing catalogue module. Once you have set the speed of display, your photos will be presented on the front page of your website in a nice filmstrip mode.
      EURO 13
    • Logo file
      'Logo File' is a small module allowing you to upload your own logo (jpg, gif or png) on the website. In order to use this feature, please go to the page where you would normally edit the headline on your website.Your logo will be displayed in a predefined area on the template (with fixed measures).
      EURO 11
    • Background wallpaper
      This module enables you to add your own background image (background wallpaper) to our new templates. You decide whether the image should be repeated or not (both horizontal and vertical images) and where it should be uploaded.Once the file has been uploaded in your File Manager, it will be available under 'Design' -> 'Templates'.
      EURO 11
    • Extended text-slideshow for gallery module
      Why not add an exiting new presentation form to your (free) Gallery Module? Your photos are presented as thumbnails in a clickable bottom bar, which makes it easy to navigate through the photos. When the thumbnails are activated a larger version of the photo will show up with its image caption. 
      - The module can only be used on standard pages (and only one per page)
      - The module is only suitable for galleries with image captions.
      EURO 5
    • Favorites icon (favicon)
      A favicon (short for Favorites Icon) is a small image file that shows up in your visitors address line or bookmarks.
      With this module you can easily add a favicon to your website. All it takes is an image file, ico, jpg, png or gif. The maximum filesize is 20kb.
      If you have a logo, you might be able to use it as a favicon. But since favicons are very small if often tends to be unclear or distored. If this happens (or if you don't have a logo), you can design your own favicon online here:
      EURO 4
    • Image cropping
      Crop your images directly in the browser and accentuate the essential part of each image.
      Define a section of the image and save the new result (as a copy or as a replacement of the original image). With this simple cropping tool, you don't have to use advanced graphics editing programs, such as Photoshop, to resize your images. Our cropping module doesn't resize your images but only takes out the section you have defined. The module is just perfect for artists who want to crop photos of their paintings so as to remove unwanted background elements and thereby accentuate the actual painting.
      EURO 6
  • Domain & e-mail address

    • Move .dk domain to Bricksite
      Do you already own a .dk domain? Then you can easily move your domain to your Bricksite.
      Upon transfer of your .dk domain, we will automatically contact DK-Hostmaster and request them to move the domain. You will subsequently receive an email in which you are asked to approve the domain transfer. The domain will normally be moved within 24 hours after your approval.
      The price of DKK 99.00 for the domain transfer is a one-off fee.
      What to do about email accounts on the existing domain (important information):
      If you already use email service on your existing domain and decide to move the domain to your Bricksite, it is extremely important that you acquire our email module in order to create new email accounts in our system.
      The existing email accounts are not automatically moved to your new site, so before approving the domain transfer, you have to purchase our email module and create the same number of email accounts in our system. Once this has been done, you can approve the domain transfer.
      Note, however, that all emails saved at your previous webhotel/webmail will not be transferred to the new site. You therefore need to download these emails in a program on your computer (e.g. Outlook), so that they are not exclusively saved on the old mail server.
      Alternative solution: point the domain
      If you use email on the existing domain, you should consider pointing the domain rather than moving it. In this way, you can keep your current mail service and only point the actual website at Bricksite. Note that this solution requires an extra module from our webshop. Please search for 'DNS' on our support site for further information on this procedure.
      EURO 13
    • Point domain at
      Would you like to control the DNS for an existing domain?
      This product allows you to point all domain types at (.dk, .com, .net etc.).
      DNS administration at your current domain registrar
      In order to use this product, you need to have access to DNS administration at your current domain registrar and be willing to adjust the records according to our instructions. For further information on how to point your domain at, please search for 'DNS' on our support site.
      You can point your domain at immediately after you have paid the one-off fee. Depending on your current domain registrar, the pointing process is typically completed within a few hours.
      No url pointing
      It is extremely important that you do not point your url but instead follow our instructions and update the DNS records of your domain.
      EURO 13
  • Private

    • Family login
      This module enables you to password protect selected pages on your website. Create one user profile (e.g. with the username 'family') and pass on the login information to family members or friends. Now only visitors holding a valid username and password are allowed access to your protected pages.If you need to create multiple user profiles for your protected pages, we recommend that you use business login. Current limitations:
      • The module prevents unauthorised users from viewing the content on your protected pages, but your files are not protected. Users can still gain access to image files etc. on your website if they know the address. We therefore advise you not to use this module to protect files containing sensitive personal data - such data should be presented via the content modules on the individual pages.
      • It is not yet possible to password protect blogs and news.
      EURO 15
    • Mp3 player
      This module is mainly directed at musicians looking for a professional and easy way to play their own compositions/recordings on the website. The Mp3 files are played on the standard page where the music player has been added - and not as background music.Please don't forget that you must own the copyrights to all music files uploaded on your website. You are therefore not allowed to use Mp3 files acquired from iTunes etc.
      EURO 10
    • Upgrade family login to business login
      Here you can upgrade your 'Family Login' to 'Business Login' if you need to create more user profiles.
  • Business

    • Business login
      This module enables you to password protect selected pages on your website. You can create a maximum of 20 user profiles for your employees, customers, partners etc. The module also keeps track of login frequency and last login time on the user profiles created.Current limitations:
      • It is not yet possible for your visitors to create their own user profiles. This means that the administrator has to create the profiles manually and pass on the login information to the individual users.
      • The module prevents unauthorised users from viewing the content on your protected pages, but your files are not protected. Users can still gain access to image files etc. on your website if they know the address. We therefore advise you not to use this module to protect files containing sensitive personal data - such data should be presented via the content modules on the individual pages.
    • Calendar
      With this module you can easily manage your events in one or multiple calendars. 
      Calendar views
      The calendar module can be used on both welcome pages and standard pages. Both page types support list and grid views. In addition you can control a detail view that is triggered when an event is clicked. The detail view can show up above or below the actual calendar. 
      Recurring events and language layers
      Amont the more advanced features you will find the support for recurring events (weekly, montly or yearly) and integration with your existing language layers on the website. 
      iCal feeds
      If you're already using another calendar service with support for the iCal format (e.g. Google Calendar), you can integrate these calendars by providing the calendar address / URL. The events will not be imported as they will dynamicallly be retrieved from your Google Calendar (on-the-fly).
      EURO 13
    • Language versions
      This module is primarily aimed at companies that want to promote their products and services in multiple languages.
      ImportantOur concept enables you to create multiple separate subsites for your general website. Note that this module does not automatically translate your text material - it allows you to create new versions of your website in other languages.Form text, including contact forms, guestbook, newsletter registration, is translated automatically. At the moment, we cover Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Faroese.New pages/menu items will appear when your visitors change language. The modules (guestbook, newsletter etc.) are automatically translated into Danish, English, German, Swedish or Norwegian on these pages.The module merely gives you the option to set up multiple languages, meaning that it is your responsibility to create pages and content elements in these new languages. Note that the catalogue can only handle one language. More language versions will be added later on.
    • Employee presentation
      This module is an effective tool for making employee presentations. Create departments/categories and sort them as desired. Add names, photos, contact details etc.
    • Branding-link (co-branded)
      It is an essential part of our marketing strategy that all websites are equipped with a link to Bricksite at the bottom of the template (discreet position).
      If you are producing Bricksite websites for your own customers, this module allows you to add your own link in combination with the Bricksite-link (just before). 
      Your link contains:
      - link label
      - link URL
      - link title
      EURO 40
    • Branding-link (white-label)
      It is an essential part of our marketing strategy that all websites are equipped with a link to Bricksite at the bottom of the template (discreet position).
      If you are producing Bricksite websites for your own customers, this module allows you to modify the link: 
      -  replace the Bricksite-link with your own link
      - add your own link in combination with the Bricksite-link (just before)
      - remove all links at the bottom of the website
      The custom link contains:
      - link label
      - link URL
      - link title
      This is NOT included in All Inclusive
      EURO 173
  • Pages, storage space & SMS service

    • 10 extra pages
      This product enables you to create 10 extra pages/menu items on your website.When creating a new page/menu item on your website, you can see the total number of pages allowed and the number of pages used at the top of the window.
      EURO 10
    • 25 extra pages
      This product enables you to create 25 extra pages/menu items on your website.When creating a new page/menu item on your website, you can see the total number of pages allowed and the number of pages used at the top of the window.
      EURO 19
    • 50 extra pages
      This product enables you to create 50 extra pages/menu items on your website.When creating a new page/menu item on your website, you can see the total number of pages allowed and the number of pages used at the top of the window.
      EURO 34
    • 100 extra pages
      This product enables you to create 100 extra pages/menu items on your website.When creating a new page/menu item on your website, you can see the total number of pages allowed and the number of pages used at the top of the window.
      EURO 53
    • 100 mb
      Buy 100 mb extra storage space and add even more photos, video clips, sound clips etc.
      EURO 19
  • E-commerce

    • Product catalogue (free of charge)
      Add your products to the catalogue and insert an easy-to-use catalogue on your website. The presentation of your products could include photos, prices, descriptions, stock position etc.You may want to convert the module into a regular webshop where customers can pay by credit card (professional payments system or PayPal).
      EURO 0
    • Shopping basket
      The 'Shopping Basket' is a natural addition to your product catalogue. Insert the 'Add to basket' buttons on all your catalogue pages with a simple click of your mouse. Customers can now add your products to the basket and place orders online. The receipt of payment is sent by e-mail to both you and the customer. This module makes ordering a lot easier. The following elements are included in the module:
      • Activate/deactivate shopping basket
      • Types of delivery: Collection and shipment (calculation options based on weight ranges, price ranges etc.).
      • Methods of payment: Cash on delivery, bank transfer, invoice - specify additional charges for each product.
      • General terms and conditions - must be accepted in order to complete purchases in your webshop.
      • VAT calculation
      • Selection of order fields.
      • Mail notifications when new orders are placed.
      • Special message for customers when purchases are made.
      • Order summary: Define the status of each order (new, completed, rejected).
      • For the time being, the general terms and conditions and product descriptions are only available in one language.
      EURO 27
    • Online payment
      You will need the elements listed below in order to allow customers to pay by credit card in your webshop (note, however, that this module is not required to use the Payment Module from PayPal):- The Shopping Basket Module- A CVR (Central Business Registration) No.- A payment agreement with the Danish Payments System (PBS)- A payment gateway at ePaySee these instructions for more information and to check out the prices.Contact us at for further details.
    • PayPal - accept international credit cards
      The extended version of the Shopping Basket Module enables you to accept international credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) in your webshop (you can only purchase this extended version if you already use the Shopping Basket Module, or if you purchase a package solution comprising the Shopping Basket and PayPal).Your customers are redirected to PayPal's homepage when they choose PayPal as their method of payment. On this website, customers can pay directly with an international credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) or via their PayPal account. In other words, customers are not required to create their own PayPal account. When payment is completed, the customers are redirected to your website where the receipt of payment is available. You can create your own PayPal account for free, but note that PayPal "takes" a minor percentage of the amount every time payment is completed. You can read more about PayPal at Don't forget to check out our instructions at:
      EURO 24
  • Artists

    • Virtual showroom
      One of the great challenges of presenting your works of art online is to reproduce the size of each painting. What does the painting actually look like?Use this module to show people how your paintings work in different settings. Once you have installed the module, you should proceed to 'Show all' on standard pages.
      EURO 8
    • Art poll
      Do you want to award the painting of the week/month/year on your website? - Then this module is just what you have been looking for!The module is based on your Catalogue from which you can add all relevant works of art. You decide whether your visitors are allowed to cast one vote a day or just one vote altogether.
      In addition, the module automatically presents the winning piece when the voting is over.
      EURO 6
  • Miscellaneous

    • All Inclusive

      Unlimited pages, all popular modules, advanced modules (only available with All Inclusive, i.e. Mobile Website) and more design themes.

      A la carte or buffet? In this store you can buy almost all our products at low one-off payments. But with All Inclusive you get it all at a recurring low price. This way you can get started with all the pages and features you need at a low cost.

      You’ll get VIP access to our most advanced modules: Mobile Website, Language versioning, Newsletter, Statistics, Employee login and Employee presentation. Btw - we’ll install 50 mb storage and 25 SMS / text message credits when you sign up for the subscription.

      From EURO 5.3333333333333 / month
    • Domain & e-mail address
      As a general rule, you can find your Bricksite account at This means that your website is always linked to a Bricksite address. Of course, you can also attach one or several of your own domains (and e-mail addresses). If you already have your own domain name, it can easily be pointed at the website you have created at Bricksite. Moreover, we offer .dk-domains at extremely favourable prices. The base price for attaching one domain name is DKK 99.00. This price must be paid regardless of whether you attach an already existing domain or purchase a new one. The following services are also available:- Registration of 20 e-mail addresses on one domain: DKK 179/year.
      EURO 0
  • Search engine optimization

    • Google Control Panel (free of charge)
      Let your website 'communicate' with selected tools from Google. It is very important to integrate your website with the great number of resources offered by Google. The conventional setup might be complicated for beginners, but we have made it easier for you with the Google Control Panel.At the moment, the following tools are available:- Google Analytics (detailed statistics).- Google Webmaster Tools (information about your website in search results).- Google Sitemap (Google is automatically informed about the structure of your website).- Google Adwords Sales Tracking (determine the value of your Adwords Campaigns).
      EURO 0
    • Meta data (free of charge)
      Meta data is used to describe the content of your website in order to optimize findability. Apart from the general meta data (applying to all your web pages), you can go to page settings for the individual subpages to type in meta data which automatically overwrites all the general data.
      EURO 0
    • Site lists (free of charge)
      Add your website to one of the site lists at Bricksite and increase the number of visitors on your website. Once you have been added to one of the site lists, other users and the great number of visitors at Bricksite are able to locate your website.
      Besides, the site lists are an important tool for optimizing findability in search engines like Google. Google frequently visits popular websites like Bricksite, which means that our link to your website helps increase the chances of having your website properly indexed.
      You have to meet a few minimum requirements before your website is added to our site lists - more information on admission is available in the system.
      EURO 0
    • Search Engine Report
      Not available outside Denmark.
      EURO 600
  • Tools

    • CMS (free of charge)
      CMS is the abbreviation of Content Management System. All websites offered by are based on a user-friendly CMS.A CMS could be perceived as a "layer" behind your ordinary website. Via the website, you can easily access the system with your username and password.
      Once you have accessed the system, you can see the website as it appears to your visitors online - the only additional elements are the editing icons located next to all the content types (pages, text sections, galleries etc.). You will also find a simple menu of all the various tools contained in the CMS.
      The editing of text elements is done by means of a text editor, which resembles Word and other conventional word processing programs. The text editor allows you to format text as desired, add photos, insert links and much more.
      EURO 0
    • File manager (free of charge)
      The File Manager enables you to upload/add all the files (images, documents, mp3 files etc.) you need on your website. Once uploaded, the files are available in all the other modules.The Text Editor is the perfect example of how you can use files from your File Manager because here you can insert images or add links to uploaded pdf-files etc.The image files uploaded in your File Manager are automatically saved in formats suitable for website usage.
      EURO 0
    • Hosting (free of charge)
      All Bricksite accounts include free hosting. Your website account could be considered free internet service which you expand by purchasing optional modules. This means that you will save money on a web hotel if you choose to create your website account at Bricksite.All our web solutions are based on our own servers. Among other things, this concept enables us to update the system from a central location. As a result, all our users always have the latest version and do not need to worry about keeping the system updated.
      EURO 0
    • Site management (free of charge)
      Create, move and edit web pages (menu items) - it is up to you to define the structure of your website.In plain English, site management allows you to organise the different pages/menu items on your website. The menu items could also work as shortcuts to other menu items or as links to external websites.
      You can mark the individual pages as online or offline, depending on how far they are in the process. Pages marked as offline are not displayed on your website. You can also indicate a limited period of display.
      EURO 0
    • Support site (free of charge)
      Here at Bricksite, help is always at hand. Access our support site at and find the answers to all your questions. We have also integrated a search bar in the system - right where you need it. If you search while editing your website, you are automatically redirected to our support site where you can pose your own questions.On our support site, you will find descriptions as well as screendumps and videos illustrating the various functions.
      EURO 0
    • Text editor (free of charge)
      The Text Editor resembles conventional word processing and allows you to format text, add links, insert images etc.This module interacts with the rest of your modules. Among other things, the interaction makes it easy to link to subpages on your website or insert images from your File Manager.
      EURO 0
    • Users (free of charge)
      User management is a tool for adding employees, family members etc. as administrators of your website. You may add as many administrators as you see fit.At the moment, it is not possible to select individual administrator rights.
      EURO 0
    • Multisite - access multiple sites
      Multisite will make your daily work as a webmaster a little easier. 
      Multisite let's you create a network of multiple websites and allow you to login to any of your websites with a single login profile. To get access to another website, simply login to the website as usual and add your multisite-key to the websites account settings.
      When you logon to your own website again you'll see a list of connected websites in the CMS menu.
      You can break the multisite connection between two websites just by removing the Multisite-key on the website you don't want to access anymore.
      EURO 34
    • Redirects & 404-page
      This function is intended for SEO activities in connection with moving a existing domain to this system. By default, the system automatically redirects your web pages if, say, you change the URL of an already existing page. This redirection tool is therefore only intended for URLs that have not yet been identified by the system at Bricksite.
      301 redirects
      This extended version allows you to set up your own 301 redirects. It is a useful feature if you have previously had another website on your domain, and your pages are indexed by search engines like Google. 301 redirects are used to point the old pages/URLs at your new pages here in the system, so that you don't lose any of the visitors who have found the URLs applying to your old pages.
      Customised 404 error page
      If one of your web pages cannot be located, and you have not set up a redirect for the page concerned, the system will automatically notify the visitor about the situation. This extended version enables you to create a custom 404 error page. Note, however, that your 404 page cannot be made available in more than one language.
      Examples > >
      EURO 10
    • Visitor statistics
      Keep track of the traffic on your website. With this module, you can see the number of daily visits and modtage monthly summaries. Insert a free code from the advanced statistical tool 'Google Analytics' if you Require more detailed statistics.
    • Quotes
      The Quotes module makes it easy for you to display quotes or statements on your website. The quotes can be grouped in collections and for each quote you can also add name and year values. 
      This module is perfect as an inspiring element and it let's you signal your own - or your companies - values via "wise words" or customer statements / reviews. 
      The quotes presentation itself can be customized with a nice control panel allowing you to select between slide or list view and to change font sizes, colors, the quote symbol, etc.
      EURO 10
    • Recipes
      Want to display recipes on your website? Well, this module is the right choice then. With the recipes module you can easily setup collections of recipes and insert them on your website - typically as a list of recipes with links to individual recipe pages. 
      Each recipe can be defined with features like title, description, preparation time, ingredients, instructions, images (and meta description for SEO). Ingredients and instructions will be displayed as bullet lists to increase readability. 
      Your recipes will each get a unique address (url) where the recipe title will be used in the url and also as the page meta title. You can also define a meta description for each recipe. In other words - you'll have plenty of options to support your SEO activities. 
      Recipes can be inserted on welcome pages, standard pages and in standard page sidebars. 
      EURO 8
    • Snippets
      Have you ever needed to upload general content elements in one single place on all your webpages - or in the sidebar on selected pages? Then Snippets is just what you've been looking for.
      This module allows you to upload content elements (via the standard text editor) and place them on all your webpages or on selected pages in the sidebar, above/below the content on your pages etc.
      Here are some perfect examples of snippets: Google adverts (AdSense), contact details, focus on selected products/themes, a general description of your website etc.
      Don't forget to check out the support videos to see if this module is something for you.
      EURO 18
    • Multi Uploader
      With the Multi Uploader from Bricksite, you no longer have to choose between one and three files at a time. This feature enables you to select all the files listed in a particular folder (or in multiple folders). When you have selected the files needed, the Multi Uploader will take care of the rest.The upload speed still depends on your internet connection, but you can always check the amount of time left.
      EURO 6
    • Quick Links Pro
      This module is an extension to the existing free Quick links module. A quick link is positioned at the top of your website and is typically a quick shortcut to selected areas of the website. Examples: Shopping basket, sitemap and language links. 
      With Quick Links Pro you can create your own custom links, change the link sequence and adjust the link color  and position. 
      The module it typically used by business customers who need centrally positioned links to intranet, partners, etc. 
      EURO 7
    • Scripts
      This module allows you to insert Javascripts, CSS or meta tags in the head section of your website or before the closing body tag. We only recommend this module for users with some knowledge about Javascript and CSS.
      EURO 8