Helsekost is a term used for a group of products, a special dietary regime, or a medically appropriate diet.

The most commonly used designation of the products to the helsekost industry sells, through health food stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and mail order. Helsekost in this context are natural remedies that can have health effects, as well as kosttilskud such as vitamins and minerals.

Helsekost is important for anyone who wants to prevent disease or who do not have a nutritionally correct diet. When the body is not getting enough vitamins and minerals it increases the risk of diseases. If you do not eat the recommended amount, you get neither in itself all nutrients that the body needs one. The solution is a more conscious approach to diet such as taking different types of kosttilskud eg. proteinpulver, greens kosttilskud and eating nutritious foods.

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