Helsekost / kosttilskud
Vitamins and minerals are vital for our health. Unfortunately we can not manufacture them by itself, with the exception of vitamin D. No matter how healty our diet, there are certain nutrients which our bodies lack thus resulting to health problems. Therefore we need to get in us many vitamins for our body to function well. 
A healthy diet is a good base for us to get us the food we need. But age, lifestyle, weight, exercise and how the intestines can absorb nutrients, affects what we need additional supply of. Others find it hard to balance their diet resulting to vitamin deficiency. Thus adding the right helsekost in our diet can give us something we don't get by eating regular food.
Kosttilskud are primarily ordinary tablets containing vitamins and minerals, but may also be eg. extracts from plants, animals and minerals. Kosttilskud can be purchased as pills, capsules, powder or potion.
If you are in doubt about whether a product is a kosttilskud or a drug, it is always a good idea to read the product label. Kosttilskud should always be labeled 'kosttilskud' and an indication of the recommended daily dose.