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Inhouse Learning is a consulting company with strong professional skills in Leadership, Learning and Development. We specialize in short and intensive tailor made facilitation of development processes with high interaction and clear focus on practical implementation. The focus is finding solutions for your inhouse learning processes that you can take on and keep using and developing yourself.

We are based in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Our two Senior Consultants are highly skilled trainers with backgrounds in training, management consulting and organisational development (AP. Moller Maersk and Attractor). All training and learning activities can be delivered in Danish or English.

We have no standard “shelf products”. Instead we interview our customers and elicit the learning goals of any particular activity requested by our customers, and then we put together a development process.

Our areas of expertise are: Leadership, learning and development:

Shorter, intense processes:

• Theory U processes (change and innovation)

• Appreciative Inquiry processes (change, development, innovation)

• Narrative processes (cultural change)

• CMM processes (cultural change and communication improvement)

• Processes with forum play and other theatre methods (cultural change)

• Processes with theory of Domains/System Theory (generating ideas, innovation, creativity)

• Processes with ”Stafetanalyse” (organisational change, cultural change)

• Creativity enhancing processes (creativity)

• Meeting management and - facilitation (learning and development)

• Processes for team development and team cooperation (co-creation)

• Team coaching (learning and development, generating ideas)

• Processes with ”visuals” (drawing, painting and metaphors)

• Numerus "fun & games" (learning through play/games)


Longer in-dept trainings:

• Team innovation (co-creation innovation)

• Train the trainer

• Train the team coach

• Leadership training



IHL Inhouse Learning

Owner and Chief Learning Broker, Unna Hvid

HC Ørstedsvej 50 C

DK 1879 Frederiksberg C

Tel.: +45 288 33 115

Email: uhv@inhouselearning.dk

Web: www.inhouselearning.dk


Unna Hvid | CVR: 32608000 | HC Ørstedsvej 50 C, Frederiksberg C - DK | Tlf.: +45 28833115 | uhv@inhouselearning.dk