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English blogging!

Hi there!
This website is now in English only.
On Mathiesen you can read my blog, get a little wiser (or opposite), you can play some of the minigames etc...
Please take a moment to check out My Life As Mathiesen. I sure am a creative person so you can keep updated 'bout my life in both texted and visual ways.
I'm a HUGE fan of MEW! I love music! I play the guitar! I love to draw! So if you just move your hand a bit, push the link 'Blog' you will probably get to see some of that.
I wonder. I think. I express myself. And now - I share it all as well. With you.
Wanna know more about the crazy shit head of mine? Then I've posted some websites to check out specially for you!
Cheers, Mathiesen!

About Mathiesen

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Alternative mind         Multicolouredloving
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Kids Don't Fight by Jonas Bjerre!
Zebra Nails!
(Which remind me of the White Stripes - read more about that in the blog!)
Emma Mathiesen