Facts about RKI register

There are two registers for bad debt in Denmark, as companies and the government uses to detect bad debtors.
I Danmark registeres du normalt I RKI eller Debitor registreret hvis du har ubetalt gæld, som du ikke har været i stand til at betale rettidigt. Lån penge på en sikker måde og aldrig uden at lave et realistisk budget.

You can choose to look favorably on a RKI registration. It can feel stressful, but you can instead choose to look favorably on a RKI registration. Most people sweat and becomes dry in the mouth, when this issue is the subject, but the truth is that registration as a defaulter is often a great idea!

RKI register

RKI register (former Ribersborgs) administered by the company Experian. It is the largest register of bad debtors and used by businesses and government. Virtually all companies that lend money or provide other types of credit, is a member of RKI. Within companies granting credit or loans, check whether the person is registered in the RKI. If you are registered in RKI, you can not get credit or loans from businesses. Companies use RKI as assurance that they will not lend money to poor pay and also companies can record bad debt if payments are not respected.

At the moment there are registered more than 221,000 Danes RKI register.

Can I be registered several times at the same time?

Yes you can. For example. have not fulfilled your payment agreement with two companies, both companies register. You will thus be recorded twice. Once for each mortgage. If you have two loans from the same company you have not complied with the payments, you will be registered two times.
How long am I registered?

Every time a creditor register in RKI there are two options to be cleared. Either when you have paid the amount due, or after 5 years. One can, at most, be registered once for the same mortgage at max. 5 years. All RKI registrations must be deleted after five years. Whether the debt is paid or not.

When the 5-year period the creditor may NOT register again for the same mortgage.

Is there a smart way to get quickly out of RKI on?                                                                     

You can ONLY get out of the RKI by paying debt or wait 5 years. There are no other ways. Several sites on the web, there are some con artists who try to scam money out of you by promising that they can delete your registration in the RKI in a short period of time, so you just can manage to lån penge again.

Are you really so sure that I can not borrow money, although I registered in RKI?

Yes, I'm sure. However, there are some bandits who try to convince yourself that you may well borrow money despite registration in the RKI. Their method is quite simple. To apply for Lån trods RKI despite registration, please namely pay an application fee. Once you have paid the fee, they return to you with the message that you can not borrow money anyway. The fee will not be returned. So do not fall for the temptation.

Other consequences of registration in the RKI

The consequence of being registered in the RKI is like saying that you can not låne penge selvom man er i rki. It is illegal for companies to use the entries in the register for other purposes.

However, I have previously heard examples of how some companies have abused it, although I do not have proof of it. Eg. could it be that companies checking job seekers RKI, if the position is a "trusted" position. This could for example. be an accountant or a different type of position in which the employee has access to money.

Can you recommend to be registered in RKI? 

Yes, I know it may sound a little odd. The truth is, unfortunately, that you have come in RKI because you have not met a payment or pay a bill. The worst thing to do is to borrow even more money to pay the old loan. It is bottomless and the strategy you will never recover. Being able to låne penge is a temptation for many people. Most people have sadly consumer and advertising in TV, radio and newspapers abound with advertisements for fast loans.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Once you are registered in RKI, there are no options for hvor meget kan jeg låne and thus you can not succumb to the temptation. Registration in the RKI is a kind of guarantee that you do not record consumer loans.

Consumer credit is a bad idea, so why not be registered?

At present it is not possible to register voluntarily in the RKI register. In Norway, it is possible. I hope that the Danish legislation as early as allowing the voluntary registration becomes possible.

How can I check if I am registered in the records?

You can even log into the RKI register with NEMID and see if you are registered. You do this by visiting their website "www.dininfo.dk". To check if you are registered with the Register of Debtors, contact them. 

Take control of your debt!

If you've arrived in RKI or Debtor Register is the sign that you have lost track of your finances or that you have raised many loans. To get out of it, you should immediately get a handle on your debt and take the bull by the horns her.