RKI lån / lån uden sikkerhed

Hurtigt lån

Loans without security can usually be obtained by all persons over 18 years, but in some cases, the limit can be up to 25 years. There are a myriad of opportunities to take loans without collateral. In a quite normal consumer loans in the bank must generally be no security. The same is true, that there is a wealth of Internet-based loan without collateral, also called hurtig lån  or kviklån . However, it must be said that, as a general rule for a quick loan, always paid a higher interest rate or connection fees than a traditional loan without collateral. Therefore, if one wants the cheap loans, find themselves in the impertinent question bank adviser will ask you when you want to take loans without collateral in the bank.

Lån uden sikkerhed

Home loans and billån can not be taken as loans without collateral. These loans are tailored for specific purposes and one should therefore ask respective home or car as collateral for the loan. In a situation where the borrower can not repay the loan, the bank can take your home or car and sell it will be covered by the loan. For loans without collateral are no such possibility and therefore these will always be more expensive. In cases where the borrower can not pay the loan, the lender suffers a loss instead, which are taken into account with a higher interest rate on lån uden sikkerhed.


Lån uden sikkerhed, as with all other loans compared by looking at the loan's annual percentage rate (APR). Annual percentage rate can almost be described as "kilo" for a loan, as it includes everything from interest rates to fees and loan origination fees. This makes the APR of a loan with low interest rates and high loan origination fees can easily be compared to a loan with high interest rate but without formation expenses.