The Story of Dan-L

The Dan-L was founded in 1984 and first litter was born March 1985.
Read the whole travel from the past 30 Years of dogs, shows, puppies and lots of other exceiting stuff and watch all the pictures.
LP1 LP2 Starkads Robby New Year - Jokum*
born 31 December 1982

Enjoy the trip!!
The Story of Dan-L 1983-2014
How it all began 🥰
Say hello to Tumle, born Feb. 21 1976 bred by a gardener in Udsholt, DK.
Mum was blue roan.. I was told, dad was black.
She costed 700 dkr and without pedigree.
I was a teenager only and did not have the money for a pedigree cocker.
However, Tumle was highly treasured as a wonderful member of the family and later aunt for all the other cockers who came to the family.
She was a great gundog, was boating with my parents every summer and most important, she cured my mum's anxiety for dogs.
In spite of she was ran over by a car at young age and was hospitalized for a week with internal bleeding, she never since had a bad day until we had to let her go in the month she would have turned 17.
Bless you, Tumle 🐾💞🐾💞
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