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31 december
Time for status of the Year 2016.
16762 km (plus/minus) + 3 flights to Portugal, Norway and Bornholm + 7 countries = Pequeno, Pouca, Baret, Villumsen, Hari, Mine, Domenico and I have had LOTS of fun.
2017 we are so very ready!

24 december

16 december
Tic - Tac - waiting waiting for Hayley to get into season/ venter på at Hayley skal komme in løbetid....

12 december
Proudly present Pequeno, Pouca and Baret with their brand new titles from national and international show in Kassel. Already Saturday we took the final CCs. Pequeno took Dech(club), Pouca Dech Jun(vdh+club) and Baret Dech Vet(vdh+club). Pequeno and Baret sweeped the tables by winning Best of Breed each day, Pouca following along with BOB junior and BOS. It was very special to me making 2xBOB with Baret who is pushing 10 year. He performed like a youngster ❤ Huge thanks to Solveig for helping with my monkey girl.
5 december
Great news coming in from the weekend!
Freddy aka Dan-L´s Licorice Marquise made my day by winning
BEST COCKER and 1. pr at field trial
.Lots of congrats to handler Erik and his owner Suzanne.

Sister Trippe aka Dan-L´s Chocoholic went in her brothers footprints - and hunted down her first fasan - not sure how delighted her new owner Melissa was ;-)

...and Mine aka Dan-L´s Nine Is Mine was BOB puppy in company with Domenico aka Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Dreams who had his first outing with BOB Junior and shortlisted in the Junior group at DKK Open show in Køge.
The teenager Domenico - Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Dreams

21 november

MY BOY Pequeno
took his 20th title
PODENGO PEQUENO SMOOTH OF THE YEAR 2016 (Sighthound ranking)
at the Sighthound speciality 20. nov 2016.
Just 2 years of age
Pouce was BOS and BIS 4 Junior
7 november
Long time since I did some updating......loads of fantastic news...
Another successful cocker from my small kennel. Sally aka Dan-L´s Short Day Kiss and her clever mum Mette Kirchheiner Boenæs won 1 prize in class C at DcH obedience competetion this very weekend.
Loads of excited congrats.
Danish Winner and Nordic Winner
It was a weekend of mixed results - Saturday was very good to us while Sunday we dont talk about - BUT however Pretty Pouca aka JUNCH BDJSG16 HERBSTJSG16 PJW16 Tappinski Dare You Pouca can add DANISH JUNIOR WINNER16 to her name and Precious Pequeno aka Multich Paraiso de Viamonte trotted his way to DANISH BREED WINNER 16 (DKK ranking) Im sooo proud of my 2 little ones and cant thank their breeders Miguel Sabino and Anna Tapper enogh for letting them go to my Dan-L kennel
31 oktober
Precious Pequeno&Pretty Pouca picks plenty prizes in Poznan, Poland.
Pequeno got 2 new titles Polish Champion and Poland Winner16 and Pouca can add Poland Junior Winner16 to her name.
Pequeno BOB and Pouca BOS both days.
Qualified for Crufts.
16 october
We went ALL IN at Dortmund Bundes - Herbstsieger show and brought it home with a FULL HOUSE
Pretty Pouca and precious Pequeno cleaned the table winning BOS and BOB at Bundessieger and BOB/BOS at International and the titles for Pouca Bundesjugendsieger16+ Herbstjugendsieger16 and Pequeno Bundessieger16+Herbstsieger16 and completed his GERMAN CHAMPION VDH. My tibet Baret crowned the days winning Bundesveteransieger16. He wasnt shown on the international. Huge a warm thank you to Andreas Juche for your proff help showing Pouca to BOB at the international and to Lisbeth Christensen for taking the little ones - Pouca and Baret - into main ring and showed them to perfecting, while I went back home to Denmark.

9 october
We - Mine aka Dan-L´s Nine Is Mine and Villumsen aka Dan-L´s What Dreams Are Made Of - had sooo much fun at Spaniel Club Open Show to day. Mine finally decided to WALK and charmed the judge Michael Laub to give her BEST IN SHOW PUPPY and BEST IN SHOW while Villumsen proved himself to be a showdog and was BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR and BEST IN SHOW 3

2 october
Though Denmark is a very small country I manage to drive 1400 km on 2 x roundtrips to Års this weekend. But....believe me, it was worth it. 🏆 . Saturday Pouca took her very first Best of Breed, another CC and Best in Show Junior 3., while Pequeno was BOS with club CC. Judge mr. Lehman Jørgensen. Sunday was my cocker team on show Mine aka Dan-L's Nine Is Mine BOB and BIS 3 puppy. Mine is out of Hari and Ch.Dan-L´s Tragaia and just 6 month old. Villumsen aka Dan-L's What Dreams Are Made Of thrilled me by winning junior CC and BOS with CC, BIS Junior and BIS BOS first time out in official class now 11 months old. ......the absolutely thrill of the day was Hari aka Dech Such Dan-L's Hari Hari got her Danish champion title under her belt by winning 2 bb and the crowning CC. Hari is pushing 8 years and top classic cocker in every inch. To complete the line up Villumsen's mum CH. Natisja's You're Telling Me was BB and BOB, BIS 2. The judging laid in the hands of the most pleasant judge mr. Stig Arne Kjellevold, who has a very sure and nowadays rare eye for the classic cocker.

10 september
I went to Sweden to visit Precious Pequeno's 3 adorable babygirls almost 5 weeks old - My heart melts....Thanks to mum* Annica Hellman for spending a nice saturday morning playing with the girls

3 september
Pouca can now call herself JUNIOR CHAMPION!!
She took final Jun.CC and 3rd BB at Sighthound Club show.
So proud of my pretty girl JUNCH Tappinskis Dare You Pouca!
Precious Pequeno was 1 champclass Club CC and 2nd BD! We had very strong competition from Norway and Sweden - 11 entries.
22 august
Great shownews from Bornholm and Vamdrup
Brilliant day at Nat. Dkk all breed show. Precious Pequeno and Pretty Pouca cleaned the table and took BOB and BOS incl. CC to Pouca. Thanks to Christina for all help with my naughty girl ❤
Precious Pequeno BOS - Cacib saturday.
BOB - Cacib sunday 
Proud of my boy ❤
Pouca 2 bb and res. CC today...she is so much fun to show, darling girl ❤
I would have loved to show Pequeno in the group, but my flight from Bornholm didn't wait.
8 august
INTUCH DKUCH DECH(vdh) Dan-L´s Trasgaia went back to the showring after a break of more than 3 years and trotted his way to the Swedish championship by winning 2 best male and CC under judge Johan Anderson, S.
Loads of warm congrats to his owner John Tryk
Little Pouca pleased me soooo very much by winning CC and 2 best bitch from junior class both days in strong competetion.
Baret was 2 best male res. CC and BOB veteran and Pequeno 2 best male both days.
16 july
What can I say....???
My fantastic Pequeno and I had the most wonderful trip to Lisboa Winner show and Int. show (Qualifying) 15-16 july - where Precious Pequeno was in strong competetion with the portugues breeders and their super dogs.
Pequeno show what stuff he is made of and took the CC and res. Cacib both days - so 2 CC from the home of origin - I am PROUD.
Huge thanks to his breeder Miguel Sabino for letting me have this little guy.
Pequeno and his devoted breeder Miguel Sabino
9 july
Pouca took her very first JUN CC and CC in Denmark - first time out in adult class in Denmark.... just 9 month old....:-)
Wauw.... Not bad for a Sunday morning!! Pequeno BOB and club CC and little babygirl Pouca Jun.CC - CC and BOS. Place was Sighthound show in Nørresundby.
I'm THRILLED and proud of my 2 PPPS.
We had to leave before finals - due to a judging appointment in Grosshabersdorf, Germany.
3 july
Precious Pequeno can add the crown title INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION to his name just 1 year and 4 days after taking 1st cacib at the age of 15 months and 5 days.
Judge was Peter Harsanyi, H and place was Velka Ida, Slovakia.
Trust me....I ❤ this boy!!!!
Pouca had her first outing in adult class just 9 months old. She took junior CC and BOS.

14 june
The sweetest little girl in the world - Pouca aka Tappinski Dare You Pouca has come to the end of her puppy career - she turns 9 month  and can look back on 10 BOB puppy = 2 BIS 1 Puppy - 1 BIS 2 Puppy´- 1 BIS 4 Puppy. 4 times we left before finals.
I am looking soooo much forward to show this little angel in Juniorclass.

29 may
What a weekend!!
My new podengo friend Karsten and I went 2x Sighthound CC clubshow in Hasmark, Dk and brought back home with us;
4 BOB - 2 BOB Puppy - 2 CC - 2 junior CC - 2 club CC - 1 BIS 2 Junior - 1 BIS 2 Puppy - 1 BIS 1 Puppy - 1 Junior Champion.
Great work of Xuxa de Viamonte - Paraiso de Viamonte and Tappinski Dare You Pouca, among friends known as Xuxa, Pequeno and Pouca.
14 may
We had a great day at Sighthound CC show in Sweden. Precious Pequeno can crown himself with two more titles Swedish and Nordic champion, the eleventh and twelfth titles within 1 year. Humble and very happy. Little Pouca trotted her way to BOB puppy and BIS 4 Puppy.

30 april Precious Pequeno new DANISH and NORWEGIAN Champion
Happy the rain ☔.....precious Pequeno was best male CC and CACIB and can add 2 more titles to the already long row. Danish and Norwegian champion 🏆. Pouca was the sweetest charmer and took Best Puppy in Breed. Proud of my two sweet PPPL.
1 may
Pequeno BOB

Pouca BOB Puppy and Pequeno showing his usual winner-face..!
Another Happy Dance 💃...this time in the sun..little Pouca took yet another Best Puppy in Breed and my precious Pequeno won BOB, CACIB first time out from champion class and Crufts qualification. Even though they were quite annoyed with the photo shoot..I was very happy.
More Happy Dance... of another sort - but I´m sooo proud!
Dan-L´s Licorice Marquise aka Freddie and his devoted VERY clever handler Erik Pedersen has passed their first Field Trial EVER and took 1 prize with a wonderful report. Freddie is just 1,5 years old.
Loads of congrats to Freddie, Erik and Suzanne Elfort.
Freddie is out of Ch. Francinis Italian Chocolate Chip and INTUCH etc Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging.
19/20 March
At Sighthound CC-show in Denmark .
A little blurred pic..but nevertheless a very happy Helle and her Pouca after winning Best in Show Puppy at sighthound CC show in Denmark. Proud of my little Pouca ❤❤❤
...and to complete the day - Pequeno went Best in Show 2 intermed. class...I love that boy - and I mean LOVE!

Pouca was Bob puppy and Pequeno CC and BOB.
Sisters meets at Malmø int. Sister was bob puppy, Pouca 2nd..she had too much fun in the ring. Pequeno got the Cacib and tibet Baret BD4 with res.CC from veteran class. Sun is for once shining and it's a kind of spring. Not bad.

16 January
Hari has been mated to Messi.
see more here
31 december 2015



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