News 2021 / 2019


9 december
Please ...Hold me on this!! 30 shows (showing/judging) since July 🤪!
Promise to myself ; NEVER do this again!!!!
However...IT HAS BEEN FUN.... LOTS OF FUN!!!
It is over now... Nat/Int Kassel, D was last show of the year. I had 2 cockers and 2 podengoes and Kassel was VERY good to us.
We brought back 5 brand new titles!
The shinning star of them all was Cookie aka KBHJV19 DKJV19 DKJUCH SPKHV19 Dan-L's Ten For Me 2x Best Bitch 2x JunCC club&VDH and
devoted and helpful owner Anne-Lise Dyhl
Villumsen aka INTCH(U) DKCH(U) SICH CZCH NOCH SECH(U) NORDCH GRW18 SPKV18 Dan-L's What Dreams Are Made Of went BOB plus CC(vdh&Club) and closed his
🌟 Brand New JAHRES SIEGER 2019 🌟 titles to:
Precious Pequeno INTCH PTCH+ 44 Paraiso de Viamonte bred by Miguel Sabino showed off his little paws and won 2xBOB while Pretty Pouca INTCH PTCH+42 Tappinskis Dare You Pouca bred by Anna Tapper was 2x BOS.
Thanks to good friends for all help, company and photos...for some reason we missed taking one of Villumsen - so I found an older one....
Cookie 2x Best Bitch 

Pequeno&Pouca 2x BOB/BOS

Villumsen BOB 
5 november
2 wonderful but stressful days at DKK IDS/Danish Winner shows in Herning are over. Showing in 2 rings is really NOT my thing - too much running from ring/hall to ring/hall!
However - I cannot complain about the results, here are the highlights:
Best of Breed& DANISH BREED WINNER19 to Intch Ptch+39 titles Tappinskis Dare You Pouca
Danish Junior Winner19 + CC to DKJCH+10 titles Dan-L´s Pita Peptoe
Danish Junior Winner19& DKK Junior Champion to CPHJW19+2 titles to Dan-L´s Ten For Me owner Anne-Lise Dyhl
Best Of Breed &Danish Winner19 - GROUP 2 to INTCH+3 titles Dan-L´s Telling Me Dreams owner Per & Sandra Salling Villumsen
DKK Junior CC to Dan-L´s Pica Pin-Up owner Vickie Nellemann Kramer DKK
Breed Winner19 Podengo Portuguese
1. Intch etc Tappinskis Dare You Pouca
2. Intch etc Paraiso de Viamonte
3. Dkkjunch etc Dan-L´s Pita Peptoe
Cocker Spaniel
2. Intch etc Dan-L´s Telling Me Dreams (Best male)
Huge THANK YOU to you all for help,support,photos and coping with my tired mind and body - Proud of you all!
New Danish Junior Winner19 Junch etc Dan-L´s Pita Peptoe

Pouca with her 2 wonderful daughters - Migge and Pita
 New Danish Junior Winner19 and DKK Junior Champion Dan-L´s Ten For Me
Danish Winner19 - BOB and Group 2 INTCH etc Dan-L´s Telling Me Dreams
23 september
The Dan-L Cockers and Podengos had crazy unforgetable days at DKK Copenhagenwinner 2019 
Tears, laughter and great friends, topped with fantastic wins really made my days - THANK YOU all involved!
The cockers were out Saturday under Michael Hammerich, DK who had nearly record entries. SPKHV19 Dan-L´s Ten For Me showed her VERY classic charm and got yet another title under her belt COPENHAGEN JUNIOR WINNER 19 incl. JUN CC and adult CC with super BB3 after 2 champions.
Humble servant is Anne-Lise Dyhl 🏆
Ch.Dan-L´s Telling Me Dreams showed his class and became BEST OF BREED for the Judge and NEW COPENHAGEN WINNER 19 in the hands of his owner Sandra & Per Villumsen. 🏆
Sunday the pods and I went to Copenhagen and OH MY!!!
Princess Pita aka LUJCH DKJCH DEJW19 LeipzigJW19 went on to take her 5th!! BOB (in 7 shows) CC and COPENHAGEN JUNIOR WINNER&COPENHAGEN WINNER 19 while proud mum Pretty Pouca aka INTCH PTCH etc Tappinskis Dare You Pouca was 2 BB with CACIB.
Precious Pequeno aka INTCH PTCH etc Paraiso de Viamonte went BOS CACIB and NEW COPENHAGEN WINNER 19 🏆
All under judge Leni Finne, F
 7 september
The podengo - gang was on tour to Sighthound CC show Saturday in Roskilde. The juniors and great friends made my day 💞 Paco aka Dan-L's Paco Popeye had his 1st outing and took 1.jun CC Jun. (dkk&club) 2 BM res. CC and Best in Show Junior 4. 🏆 Devoted owner Helle Damm Petersen. Princess Pita aka LUJCH DEJW19 DEVDHJSL19 Dan-L's Pita Peptoe charmed the judge to 1 Jun CC Jun (dkk & club) 2 bb res. CC and completed her DANISH JUNIOR CHAMPION (dkk) titel 🇩🇰❤️ Thanks to Lisbeth & Karsten, Tina and Helle for coping with me ❤️
5 september
The Dan-L's showed their socks at this weekends shows.
Podengo Princess Pita aka Dan-L's Pita Peptoe took off towards Luxembourg together with her new best friends Karsten Kragh and Lisbeth Christensen and returned as Luxembourg Junior Champion 🌟and yet another BOB 🏆❤️🏆, while I spend the weekend helping the Spaniel Club with Gold&Silver Cup shows. I had the pleasure to show Dan-L's Ten For Me to 3x2.v ck res. Jun CC (dkk&club).
Thanks to owner Anne-Lise Dyhl for trusting me this girl to handle. 🐾💕🐾 Handsome Lui aka Dkchu Dan-L's Telling Me Dreams trotted his way to Best Male and BOS in rock hard competition. 🏆 He did make bd 3&4 at the other 2 shows 💙 Love this boy. 💙 Lui was shown by his devoted owners Sandra & Per Villumsen! Huge thanks to you all for being helpful making this results 💞

17&18 august
I am blown away!!!
Princess Pita went BEST OF BREED yet again. Dan-L's Pita Peptoe shined in the ring while Precious Pequeno - Intch etc Paraiso de Viamonte was BOS. Pretty Pouca - Intch etc Tappinskis Dare You Pouca was 3rd BB. Proud beyond common sense of my 3 little Stars. The icing of the day was the win with Lui - Ch. Dan-L's Telling Me Dreams who I had the pleasure to show to Cacib and BEST MALE 😍 Lui is proudly owned and loved by Sandra & Per Villumsen. What a day to remember 💖 💖 💖
❤️ Princess PITA!!!! ❤️
This little girl - Dan-L's Pita Peptoe showed her stuff by winning 1.excl JunCC - CC and BEST OF BREED over 4 champions. Just 9 month old 1st time out as adult. Mum Pretty Pouca - Intch Tappinskis Dare You Pouca bred by Anna Tapper was 3rd bb while Precious Pequeno - Intch etc Paraiso de Viamonte bred by Miguel Sabino went cacib and BOS. Thank for all help, Karsten Kragh

27 juli
Cookie aka Spkhv19 Dan-L's Ten For Me totally stole the scene at Cocker Club Deutschland CC show in Panketal when she tailwagged her to Jun CC vdh+club BOB junior and Best Bitch. We were thrilled and proud owner Anne-Lise Dyhl was happy as a lark 😍 This inspite of Villumsen aka Intch etc Dan-L's What Dreams Are Made Of took CC vdh+club BOB and 🌟 BEST IN SHOW 🌟 We are proud of our show team ❤️ Gentleman judge was mr. Axel Komorowski, D

7 juli
VILLUMSEN ❣️ Not forgetting wonderboy Villumsen in the celebrating of Pequeno. Villumsen aka Intch Dkuch Nordch Slch Czch Grw18 SPKV18 Dan-L's What Dreams Are Made Of showed his socks off and won 2xBob - 3 cc vdh - 2 clubcc - 2 titles Hannover Winner19 & Annual Trophy Winner19. Judge Saturday Mrs Barbara Müller and Sunday mr. Laurent Pichard. THANKS! Proud of my tan wonderboy 💖💖💖

I must not put Pretty Pouca to side for the boys fab wins 💕 She shinned in the ring and took BOS to Pequeno Saturday and BOB Sunday incl 2 new titles Hannover Winner19 & Annual Trophy Winner19 ❣️ Pretty Pouca aka Intch Ptch etc Tappinskis Dare You Pouca is bred by Anna Tapper loved to pieces by me. 💘

6 juli
Just one of these days worth remember 💖 Pequeno is the name and much more as he won his 40th❣️title today. We were celebrating with a picnic at the hotel room. Huge thanks to judge Olaf Knauber for his gentle way with the dogs and his amazing words about MY Pequeno

23 june
The girls did the ⭐️HATTRICK⭐️ at 3x DKK in Vejen ❣️ Pretty Pouca aka INTCH PTCH+32 titles Tappinskis Dare You Pouca and daughter Princess Pita aka Dan-L´s Pita Peptoe went 3x BOB and 3x BEST PUPPY in breed. My Precious Pequeno aka INTCH PTCH+ 37 titles Paraiso de Viamonte trotted his way to 2x BOS first 2 days and 3rd day he showed his true podengo opinion (🖕) about 3 days dogshows. I love that dog!
10 juni
Did Pita aka Dan-L's Pita Peptoe just win BEST IN SHOW Puppy at the monografica for Portuguese podengos in Portugal? The biggest event of the Year?
YES, SHE DID!!!!!! ❤️
11 may
Jiiii.... It was cold and windy at IDS DKK Roskilde today. However the sun was shinning upon Pita, Pouca and Pequeno. Princess Pita aka Dan-L's Pita Peptoe had a blast kangarujumping to BOB Puppy while mum Pretty Pouca aka Intch etc Tappinskis Dare You Pouca blessed me with cacib and BOS. Precious Pequeno aka Intch etc Paraiso de Viamonte showed his heart out and took yet another BOB/cacib. Judge was Tomas Rohlin.
20 april
At Sighthound Club Show Friday Pretty Pouca manage to win BOB, while Precious Pequeno had fun with his 2nd BM. Naughty Princess Pita showed all sides of herself winning BOB BABY and BIS 3 BABY.
30 march
Villumsen is new INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION 🎉🎉🎉 We had the most perfect day at IDS Malmo, S when Villumsen aka DKCH(U) SICH CZCH NOCH SECH(U) NORDCH GRW18 SPKV18 Dan-L's What Dreams Are Made Of under breed specialist Tord Lundborg Zaar took his final Cacib, BOB and 3rd in group. Huge thanks for all lovely congrats on this very special day, for great company and all super photos, this one from Henrik Nukander Larsen. I am happy, proud, so very tired but looking forward to enjoying these memories tomorrow and the days to come ❤️❤️❤️
23 march
It has been a funny day with the podengo - gang on tour to Sighthound CC show in Køge. Precious Pequeno BOB and Pretty Pouca BOS while Princess Pita trotted her way to BIS 2 baby
3 march
Milan....!!!! My boy Milan
aka KBHJV18 DKJUCH JUNCHCLB ClbJubPupW18 Dixie Rebel From Peggywood was showing his soul out at Spaniel club CC-show and SPANIEL CLUB WINNER 2019 saturday.
1st show Judge Børje Johansson, S 1.juncl - CC- BD3 and BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR 2 SPANIEL CLUB WINNER 19 Judge Jerzy Olszewski Sylena, Pl 1. juncl - CC - Best Male and BOS and got 2 more titles under his belt just 14 months old: Spaniel Club Junior Winner19 and Spaniel Club Winner 19
Magnificent Milan keeps impressing me 
Milan is bred by Bibi Bermon ...
This was not the only fabulous results from Dan-L
1st show Judge Börje Johansson, S Ch.Dan-L´s Telling Me Dreams 1 ch New Clubch BEST OF BREED and BEST IN SHOW 🏆🏆🏆
Loved and owend by Sandra and Per Villumsen
2nd show Spaniel Club Winner Judge Jerzy Olszewski Sylena, PL
Devoted owner Anne-Lise Dyhl
GrJunCh. GrJW18 CPHJW18 Dan-L´s Chocolate Easter Star 2.intermed 2 BB res.CC.
Proud of this Chocolate roan young girl - not an easy colour to show.
Totally spoiled by Melissa and Jeanne Tribler. She was entered for this show only.
I am proud!!!
Thank You to the judges
24 february
Puppy Pita aka Dan-L's Pita Peptoe was the sweetest little girl in the ring yesterday at DKK reg 2 Open Show, when she charmed her way to BOB Baby and was shortlisted in BEST IN SHOW BABY among a very large number of wonderful babies. Brother Dan-L´s Paco Popeye was her brilliant personal coach and supporter the whole day. Thanks to his devoted owner Helle for nice company and to Brian for great snapshots and the rest of the gang Henrik, Bjarne and Anne-Lise who brought her wonderful Cookie aka Dan-L´s Ten For Me who in my hands was BOB puppy. Thank you for trusting me handling her.
10 february 
Pita aka Dan-L´s Pita Peptoe had a BLAST at her very 1st show at DKK IDS Fredericia saturday, just 3 month and 4 days old and showed her absolute wonderful temperament. Pouca aka INTCH PTCH+32 titles Tappinskis Dare You Pouca and Pequeno aka INTCH PTCH+37 titles Paraiso de Viamonte both showed their socks off, but did not make any earthbreaking records ;-), but got what we came for ...the opinion of the judge.
21. january
Spaniel Club 2x CC made me so very proud of my dogs and breeding :-D 🌟New ClubJuniorChampion🌟 - CC and BH2&3 BIS Junior 2&3 Milan aka JunCh(DKK)CPHJW18 ClbJubWPupW18 Dixie Rebel from Peggywood breeder Bibi Bermon Esther aka Grjch Grjw18 Cpjw18 Dan-L´s Chocolate Easter Star (entred only 1 ck 3 BT resCC owner Melissa& Jeanne Tribler Lui aka Dkchu Dan-L´s Telling Me Dreams 2.chck 3 BH owner Per Villumsen Judges: Vanessa Malkmus, DE & Sascha Paduch,DE
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