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How will you be?

To be or not to be - That is that the question?
Most of the time, we do and act out our different roles in life: I am a jurist, a mentor, a coach, a supervisor, a mother, a wife, a woman, a father, a husband, a man.
We are driven by our ideas and thoughts about what to be - looking ferverishly for the label that fits - may-be I will feel more authentic ,more myself, if I were a therapist instead of an accountant?
What would happen if we started looking for ways of being instead of looking for what to be.
How will you be?
When you are in a state of being - what state is your mind in?
Are our minds emanating confusion, restlesness, frustration, anger, remorse, revenge?
How will we be if our minds emanate friendliness, calm, nearness to others?
What place will the Earth be then?

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Berit A. Faber