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Xploring New Year's Wild and Wicked

 Mother of our B, C and D Litter
BEST in SHOW Progeny and Breeders Group
LC Licens 
Health: Echo-Cardiogram CLEAR 23.03.2016
 Born 02.01.2009
Height 47cm
Xploring New Years Wild and Wicked "Mynte" is the mother of our B, C and D Litter and has produced stunning puppies with the following results so far:
1 x BEST IN SHOW Breeders and Progeny Group
1 x BEST IN SHOW 4 CACIB Danish Kennel Club 14.02.16
1 x BEST IN SHOW Brace class, CACIB Budapest 21.02.16

B-Litter: (5 puppies)
1 x Group Winner (BIG#1)
3 x BIG#2
4 xBOB
1 x 2013 CRUFT qualified
1 x Polen jr. winner 2012
18 x Champion titels
1 x CC winner in Germany
3 x LC licens
C-Litter: (3 puppies)
3 x LC Licens
1 x BOB
2 x BOS
10x Champion titels
1 x 2014 CRUFT Qualified
2 x Res-CC winner in Denmark

D-Litter: (6 puppies)
5 x CC (Budapest)
2 x R-Cacib



Show results

Shows in Germany:
Nat. VDH Zuchtschau - Dortmund 18.10.09
Judge: Herr M. Langer, Jr Class V2 RES-CAC (she inherits the CAC)


CAC Zuchtshau - Münster 18.07.09
Judge: Hübenthal, BOB Puppy 
Shows in Polen:
Kennel Club titel show and double CACIB - Poznan 22.10.11 + 23.10.11
Judge: Lisbeth March, V2 Open Class
Judge: Stefan Stefik, V3 Open Class
Nat. Kennel Club double Show - Bydgoszcz 12.02.11 + 13.02.11
Judge: Elivra Romanenkova, CC, 2end best bitch
Judge: Andrzej Szutkiewicz, CC, 2end best bitch


Shows in Denmark:
World Dog Show 2010 - Herning 25.06.10
Judge: Per Iversen, Jr Class Exc
Danish Sighthound Club Show - Aars 03.10.09
Judge: Lotta Brun, Jr. Class V1




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