Passionate about whippets

I share my life, sofa and bed with my whippets. They are all truly loved family members and their gentle and intelligent minds are the reason of my passion.

I fell in love the first time I saw this gracious, elegant and athletic breed back in 2000 at a dog show.

The whippet is such a beautiful, easy, fun and yet undiscovered dog that to me the whippet is the best kept secret of the pure breed dogs world.​

The goal is to breed healthy, versatile companions while adhering to the breed standard, combined with excellent sound movement and wonderful temperaments.

My primary aim is to try and maintain this wonderful breed and to strive to produce quality with beauty in mind.
Sabine Varming Cheyne | Landlystvej 106, 6715 Esbjerg N - Danmark | Tlf.: 50588855 | wildandwicked@live.dk