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Rav sæbe 
Der vil snarest blive lavet en oversættelse
Activity Time: 15 minutes + drying time
  • Clear glycerin soap
  • Soap dye: yellow, red
  • Plastic insects
  • Small microwave-safe disposable plastic containers
  • Craft stick
    CAUTION: Melted soap can get extremely hot and cause burns on skin. Only an adult should handle the melted soap. Supervise children at all times during this project.
How to Make It
  1. Use a knife to cut up the block of clear glycerin soap into smaller pieces.
  2. Fill a small microwave-safe disposable plastic container with the soap pieces. Microwave on high for 20-30 seconds. The soap should be mostly melted with a few chunks still in it.
  3. Carefully remove from the microwave using two hands. Stir with a craft stick to finish melting (or mostly finish melting—it’s OK if small chunks remain) the soap.
  4. Add 2-3 drops of yellow soap dye and stir. Add 1 drop of red soap dye and swirl once or twice, allowing color to remain streaked and not fully mixed.
  5. Carefully submerge a plastic insect into the melted soap.
  6. Remember this is bottom-side up, so you may want to place the insect in upside-down. Allow to cool completely (45 min to an hour for about 4 ounces). Release the soap by pressing the container around the sides to loosen and then press your thumbs into the bottom to pop it out. Use a damp paper towel to rub down any rough edges.
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