Orgone generators

The theory and basic functions of the Orgone generator.

An Orgon generator is a device wich accumulates Orgone energy. The main problem in argumenting for the activities in and around orgone energy, seems to be that because people cant ”see” it, they cant believe it. So before one looks at the Orgone device for the first time, one must first understand some simple principles of energetic matter... 

The Concept, the word Orgone, was fisrt defined by Wilhelm Reich, according to his experiments and discoveries of effects and behavior of aetherial energy. He, as many others, that have stumbled upon the presence of an aetherial energy, has been ridiculed and their discoveries banalized...

But if we look at merely a couple of the following examples, we will understand that the idea that there is a presence of an cosmic energy (constantly vibrating, fluxing, warping, molding matter, flowing through all seems to nit the fine web of our sorroundings, as well as our deepest thougt's – Withholding and u n f o l d i n g – wrapping itself trough dimensions that exeed all people's current average ability to percieve) is a very logical argument.


Not ”Seeing” it –  is not a problem, heres a couple of hint's in theese,

Well vindicated sciences, in the true spirit of the falsification process:


                      -      Biomagnetism, Bioelectrochemestry.

                      -      The behavior/flux of particels in quantomphysics (zero-point energy)

                      -      The mazes of Superstrings

                      -      The ongoing bosin higgs and dark matter problematics!

                      -      The effects of negativly charged ions!

                      -      The way our brain communicates, not only with people and itself,

                              but with the ”outer world”, with neurons!!

                      -      And last, but definitely NOT least, infact the most Outknocking                                                   argument for the precense of aetherial energy; "unified field theory"


Already at this point one with patience cannot fail to understand, that ofcourse there is still many things we bleek men DO not –  understand! (Ignoring more than, lets say, three of these - of the ”falsificated sciences” is simply ignorant. Wont you agree!?)

As all the ancient cultures very well knew, And as they called it … We call it Chi, Vril, Aether, Mana, Prana or Chaitanya. The Odic force, theory of torsion fields, Animal magnetism, Vitalism. Present in The practice of Qigong – and the idea of the presence of empty energy in martial arts.

Now. The idea that this energy – call it what you want, is not just a driving force of life, but an energy that can be used for anything...

Ask yourself, have you ever stopped yourself in thinking, caught in a moment that feel's so tangently real – so real that it feels almost like a dream – real as only a dream can be – theese moments that flutter by with silky emotions of faith unfolding. When you meet a person that tell's you, all that you've been thinking all day, and you burst out in agreement, understanding each other – maybe even without speaking. When a person you hold dearly, springs a thought in your mind, a thought that that person, is trying to reach you, is missing you, and your phone rings... In the deep practices of inspired action, painting, dancing, chanting, playing music, getting into the g r o o v e, singing, screaming, jumping, praying … you feel it in the deep moments of inspired action, that all melts down around you, and all you do, is coherent with any event that happens in you sorroundings.

This is the fucking deal, have you had emotions like this? That is you, working orgone energy, working with orgone energy...YEAH, FUCK YES _ TAKE IT MAN!


Open your mind brothers and sisters... and open your heart for theese things, for they are all to real.


”Learning to harness the creative power of Orgone will lead to an understanding of what is now called “free energy”, a concept ridiculed by entropic science because it contradicts the “2nd Law of Thermodynamics”. (read 2nd Law of Entropy). Wake up”




The Basic Funtions:

These are functions in the orgon generator that are prooven by common sense science, to be active:


Accumulation of Negatively charged ions

causes numerous posetive influences on all living material, oxygin travels better trough the bloodvessels, plants photosyntesis optimises and so forth...

Quartz crystal piezoelectric polarisation –

permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside the orgone resin, which creates, an also commonly known effect, the piezoelectric effect inside the crystal. Meaning its end-points become polarized electrically. Providing an electrically inducing effect, as would an electromagnet. The ressonances of qurtz crystal is well known in its mindblowing ability to interact with DNA


Visible augmentation of what is supposedly an ”aura”, through Kirlian Photography, Biomagnetic Aura Photos.

Whether one believes in ”auras” or not, is matterless. When we look at a subjects supposed ”aura”, for there is a presence of radiation of some kind, that is undeniable like the rays of sun. This visible radiation (throug for example Kirlian photography or other kinds of magnetic photography techniques), does become radically augmented, when the subject is handed a proper crafty orgone generator, or is sorrounded by orgone energy (placed inside an orgone accumulator).



Following functions, are theory, but highly plausible.

Compared to the statistics in the novelty of similar theories in ”all” ancient cultures, alternative sciences, philosophy and so on... (in contrast to many of the entropic sciences, that does'nt have nearly the same extend of novelty statistics, if any at all. For example, there has never been proof or theory of ”Chemotherapy” ever recorded in history before the last 70 years. On the other hand there is endless references on the topic of curing ”disease” with the aetherial-energy, troughout ALL – RECORDED – TIME ... dont believe me? Thats easy. Look at the sumerians, the egyptian mythology, greek mythology, afrikan tribes, australian tribes, native americans, the innuit's – yes indeed all indigenous people swear to this force ... the koran – bible – vedas – talmud describes it, the philosophers of old/new, the animists, the pagans, and ofcourse also the cult fanatics & freemasons know it – and you name the rest):


- cathalyst of synchronistic happenings (flow of intent energy, the power of will, the power to manifest ect.)


- accumulation of aetherial energy/orgon energy


- known to activly loosen up ”stagnating energy”, both in nature and civilisation, such as to make things ”flow” (cloudbursting, rainfall, plant growth – this is highly backed again by the fact of the higher emmitence of negatively charged ions, in and around the device)


- Known to cure/remedy diseases caused by stagnating energy as cancer tumors, psychiatric inbalance, and remover of fear – used as ”protection”.




The Theory of orgone accumulation:


Now that we have gone throug the carefull process, of providing acceptable falsification for the subject – I dare say! We can at ease, look at the simple and genius theory of orgone accumulation, which is very easy to understand. It is simply the combination of theese, very common materials; High conductive metals, such as kobber, aluminium and so forth – with any organic material – and preferribly also crystals, to help ”ground” the device, just like one would ”ground” an electrical installation. For there is, in the matter of accumulating orgone energy, a certain ”noise” factor – again just like there would be in any electrical installation.

The best example is Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumulator, which is simply a box of fiberglass- and metal wool sheets layered:


As shown in the illustration, there is also the accumulation of what we call, DOR energy. This is why we apply Quartz, for its seems as if it ”grounds” this negative energy. In addittion, one should ”ground” orgone devices regularly, nevertheless. This is done simply by washing them, or putting them on the earth!


On anything I have stated, i openly invite anyone who would like to know more, discuss a certain topic or ask any question, on any mentioned subject -- Please contact us and we will be happy and willing to ablige to any kind of comment, and proof to anyone how this really works...



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