For a long time we have been lost, for thousands of years the sacred symbols, (including the patterns and sounds that invoke blessings and flow of aeterial energy) and the sacred technologies have been corrupted, stolen from us, hidden from us by a certain force of opposing supressing enteties. We know and see them as organisations and authorities, established with the intent of consuming our energy, they made us forget who we where and who we are. Made us stagnate in a loop of self-centered energy – witch have made us dry and hollow, made us confused in a temporary state of Sociopathic loathing, made us fight each other as to reap each other from what we were missing – that flow of cosmic energy, that energy that science and common-sense-aristocrats neglect, but still depend on. They call it the bosin higgs, dark matter, superstrings – something they ”cant see”, and therefore are not willing to understand. And notice, it is not because it is impossible, or even hard to understand, they simply choose to stay in the ”status quo”, just like the puritans, the elite of the dark ages, and all the lost empires of recent old, because the boss, the king man on top tells them to... because its their J-o-b to do as they are ordered.


If we look at history, and we make sense and take our selves and science seriously – we can easily conclude, that all the biggest discoverys of men – have been banalized by the elite's shameless humor and easy spotting – all through the ages of new.

And thus as we stand before the unvailing of the currents and patterns of the cosmic energy it self! The origin of all balance. It is all to easy to ignore as a crazy newage wack jabber and hippie bullish. But brother the facts are clean on this one, and if you have patience and do your research, you will understand quickly that the idea of a cosmic force as a drive behind matter, working in patterns and polarisation similar to the way any simple force of nature, like water, electricity, the symbiosis of plants and animals does – is not at all incomprehensible...


Now in the aftermath of their work. The hard work of corrupting ”human nature” ... in these final stages, we see something that looks rather hopeless. But this hopelessnes is not in the human nature.

You know that we dont want this, you know in your heart that we didn't make it this way!

It is not our dooing, they made us peasents. We never had a choice.

But dont get me wrong, now we do have a choice, and now we have to take their responsibility – and you know what? … I say – I will take that responsibility, even though I did not ask for it, and even though the elite didnt mean it to be a task for me. They simply forgot the balance, so now we have the chance to mend it – and surely it is our responsibility, ofcourse brother. And it is a joyfull task to mend the fractures, because now we can – and nooe, nobody can stop us now!

Once again we discover our past, and with this new possibility that lies in theese discoveries, the reestablishment of our lost knowledge - we will grasp and take back what is rightfully ours and for everyone to share – the sacred knowledge and memory, that we our selves have been part in the making of.


Take it back – and take no shit – i will not throw anymore rocks, for now it's the time to build anew, instead of destroying – It is the only way to win.                                                                                                                                          -Yussef

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