Hi and welcome to my art therapy gallery.

My-name, Bettina!

My-name, Bettina! is an website full of abstract art therapy paintings.
Bettina uses painting as a form of therapy, it's very relaxing and gives you good feeling at the end of day.
She works with acrylics and oil, and as self taught she doesn't feel restricted to any particular technique.
Bettina finds her inspiration in everyday life, nature, the human being and its different natures. The ordinary weekday, the busy life and the beautiful things one suddenly discovers when your body and soul finds that inner calm and tranquility. She just jumps into the canvas and explores it with her brushes, fingers or waht ever tool she has in her hand, makes use of all the vivid colors to visualize feelings, emotions and events in her own life.
The titles of the paintings are intended as hints only, and should not be taken literal.
My-name, Bettina !
abstract painter
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