Cats sold for breed

IC (N) Miridania´s Batseba became IC in 2010
Daily Batseba lives in Norway, in The Cattery (N) Temms
Sire: CH (N) Temms Dipsacus Tootsie - Dam: DK* Bolette Thaie Bamboo
"Fia" is born the 11th of March 2008. Her code is SBI f 21.
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IC (N) Miridania's Batseba,   Photo by (N) Solstorm´s
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Jokebed became Campion on 25.11.2012
Daily Jokebed, alias LOPPAN, lives in Sweden in The Cattery S* Respons
Sire: DK* Nicojama´s Willow Wimi - Dam: (N) Miridania´s Abigajil
Jokebed is born on 19.02.2011 Her code is SBI g 21
(N) Miridania´s Jokebed Photo by S* Respons
(N) Miridania´s Galileah, SBI g 21
Sire: DK* Nicojama´s Willow Wimi - Dam: (N) Miridania´s Abigajil 
Galileah is born the 20st of March 2010
(N) Miridania´s Galileah is the bigger sister to
(N) Miridania´s Jokebed, above
(N) Miridania´s Agape SBI f 21
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