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Kurilean Bobtail Breed Introduction

This is a natural breed, which existed in isolation for a long period (at least 100-150 years) on a chain of islands collectively known as the Kurils, which belong to Russia and Japan.
Biggest feature is the short tail. It may seem that little tuft, and it is impossible to find two cats who have exactly the same tail stumps.

Kurilian Bobtail are strong cats, with a wild appearance, large. They have excellent health and a very well-balanced character. They love to be caressed and are very gentle. In the wild this cat runs in packs, similar to the wolves. It is also highly intelligent. It has a great love for both human company and other species of pets, and it is perfectly happy living in an apartment in the city.

The first Kurilian Bobtail was exhibited in 1990.

In WCF Kurilian Bobtail was officially recognized in 1995.
In Fife2002 the breed was recognized in a short hair and a long-haired variety.
The breed is exhibited in kat.3 breed was approved in TICA in 2008.
This cat's nature makes them very popular.

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