Welcome to Høvlehuset

"høvlehuset" is a privat tool-museum with a collection of wooden tools from the year 1700 - 1950.
After 20 years of collecting tools, I'm now exited to show off my collection.
In the exibition there are effects from:
Wheel and coachbuilder
Ship Carpenter
Violin Builds
Shoe and Saddlery
Bookbinding workshop
Repair and renovation of old tools.
Best Regards
Niels Ole Faurby Bennetsen
Høvlehuset es a historical tool-museum with a beautifull collection of hand tools.
Høvlehuset is situatet in a scenic wooded aria near Blåvand - not far from the roaring North Sea.
The farm is from 1877 and in 2005, the barn was built after all the ancient craft regulations. The barn is now in use for exhitition and workshops.