David Suchet
16 November 2011 18:47 GMT+1
Suchet  has recently joined Twitter (follow the link on the front page) – his agency has confirmed today that the twitter @David_Suchet account is genuine. Enjoy! ^^
14 November 2011  16:22 GMT+1
Breaking news…

David Suchet has expressed numerous times during recent years that he would love nothing more than to film the whole canon in the long running ITV series Poirot in which he has played the lead character for more than 20 years – now that wish will come true with ITV’s recent announcement of having commissioned the remaining five episodes with Suchet in the lead role.

According to ITV’s official press release the remaining episodes in question are:

Labours of Hercules
Dead Man’s Folly
The Big Four
Elephants Can Remember

It might not be the actual order of the episodes, as far as I recall they already did the script for Dead Man’s Folly so they might start with that. One thing is certain though, Curtain will be the final episode and all Christie-fans will know why that is.

Shootings start next year and rumour has it they will end during the summer of 2013.

Congratulations to David Suchet for being able to fulfil a dream of his and congratulations to us, all his fans and fans of Poirot, what a thrill this is! 

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Suchet won WOS Awards
David Suchet, arrivals, WOS Awards 2011
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Suchet won best actor (Joe Keller – All My Sons) last night in the Theatregoers’ Choice Awards - Congratulations!
His co-star in All My Sons, Zöe Wanamaker, took the prize as best actress – Congratulations to Wanamaker, too!
After the awards Suchet told that to him the award was very special because it's unique in being the public's decision. More than 45.000 theatre goers have voted in the awards and Suchet felt happy and surprised getting it at all even he's not being among the young, trendy ones, as he put it.
And - very soon we all get a chance to watch the whole production of All My Sons via Digital Theatre who recorded the play live over three performance nights. It becomes available for download to your PC in the Spring. You pay for downloading but the DT Player itself is free. Usually a recorded theatre production costs up to around £9 - definitely less than you would have to pay for a trip to London + a theatre ticket. They used multiple camera angles so we are hopefully in for a treet with lots of interesting close-ups and a variety of views of the stage and play. According to Suchet in a BBC interview earlier today the 'film-makers' used mini-mini cameras when recording.  I'll tell you more about Digital Theatre and how/if it works when the time comes. 
Now we’re waiting for the anticipated, star-studded Laurence Olivier Awards on March 13... I for sure will send all my best wishes Suchet’s way hoping that he will take home the winning prize to top his six previous Olivier nominations.
Full list of WOS winners 
Press photos – Suchet is on 25-28
Highlights from the awards on WOS TV - Suchet shows up at 00:43 in talk with the awarded video 
Suchet in talk with BBC Breakfast  earlier today
More Press Photosbe patient, it might take some time to download 
7 February 2011
Suchet nominated with an Olivier Award
All My Sons
Suchet has been nominated with London's most prestigious theatre award, the Laurence Olivier Awards, for his role as Joe Keller in All My Sons staged last year at the Apollo. The production is also nominated in the category Best Revival.
Haymarket Hotel will host a preliminary lunch for all nominees Feb 22 and winners will be announced at a festive and star-studded ceremony March 13 at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. The award event is covered live on BBC TV and BBC Radio 2. Stay tuned on the Laurence Olivier Awards official webpage
Best of luck to Suchet!
25 January 2011
Suchet wins the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards 2010
David Suchet at the Prince of Wales Theatre 25 January 2011
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Suchet won as best actor for playing Joe Keller last year in All My Sons at the Apollo. He received the prize earlier today at an event at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London. The awards cover the best in theatres throughout the UK and winners are selected by professional, independent theatre critics.
”Speaking about his win, Suchet commented: “[All My Sons] was the highlight of my 42 year career. Initially I didn’t know if I could do the role, but thanks to the company, thanks to the director, and thanks to the whole atmosphere created in the rehearsal room it allowed me to have the courage to go to places I wouldn’t normally feel that easy. To get this particular award for that particular part in that particular play was and is possibly the most important award I’ve won for a very long time.”
Press room photos (Suchet is on pic 20-22) -
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