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The Løbecykel is the first "two wheeler" in the life of a child (apart from the scooter). It is perfect for training the sense of balance and coordination, and is a very easy to use especially for children who are just learning how to ride a bike.
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Puky løbecykel was named the absolute best running bike out of 10 models in the recognized German consumer magazine, so it's definitely one of the best run cycles.

Puky cykel offers an interesting alternative to the classic run-wheels. On an entirely new way, your child about 2 years now move and simultaneously prepare the right bike. The advantage: puky cykel tilbud trains the sense of equilibrium, but it is with a great safety because the child always has a foot on the ground.

And if the big kids also want to use the running bike; so grows the bike is just through the adjustable components. Starter model weighs only 3.3 kg and has Foam tires that make it punctures. The foam is soft and do not make noise, if used indoors. The foam is a flexible material, which makes it more pleasant to run on, in relation to the cycles that comes with plastic wheels.