Velkomstside / Cykeltyper


There are several different cykel brands and within each brand you will find several different types of bikes:


City Bike: An all-round bike for daily use. Available with one or more gears.


Tourist Bicycle: Usually a little heavy bike where driving position is very upright.


Sport Bike: A lightweight bike; usually with external gear as the road bikes.


MTB: Primarily for use in the forest. Have many gears, wide tires and tit suspension.


Breeds: Easy bike to the road. Many gear and narrow tires.


Touring Bike: Must be lightweight, but strong, with space for luggage.
When you buy a new puky løbecykel, you do not pay for the initial inspection, to be carried out after about one month. That is why it's important that you take advantage of the free inspection, because several things need to be tightened.

Besides, it is a good idea to consistently have seen the bike after to avoid unpleasant surprises.