Hundene / Annazobelle's Golden Dream

Annazobelle's Golden Dream


Opdrætter: Anna Larsen
Mother: Lovesome Surprise. HD A, CEA/PRA free 2016, MDR1 +/+
Father Sanscott Take a Chance on Me With Mohnesee, HD A, CEA/PRA free 2016, PRA MDR1 +/+
Sanscott Take A Chance on me With Mohnesee     GBCH MohneseeMusicalIllusion   Mohnesee Bandmaster
 Mohnesee Bewitched
Sanscott Delightful Dream    Mohnesee Dreamsmith
 Shellyvales Lady Valentine At Sanscott
Lovesome Surprise     PLCH MDCH ROCH INTCH Quashee Operation Chaos    Quashee High Class O'Pinion
 Arcot Strike a Pose
Lovesome  Kings Rose    CZCH Muggebigge Birk
 MDCH SMCH MKCH Lovesome Dreamlike Rose


Lovesome Surprise

Sanscott Take A Chance on Me With Mohnesee


CRD mild, 17/10-2016
MDR1 +/+