water betina huber
Change your water - change your life! 
I am an International distributor of alkaline water, 
if you are interested in knowing more or getting your own machine, you can contact me on
0046 (0) 735360059
If you are in my area - you can even try the water yourself.
The first 20 liters you can try out for FREE
- after that I take 20 kr/ 2 euro a liter
water betina huber öland
This water changed my life and the future of my hole family.
During my husbands healing journey, the past 6 months - we have been drinking this amazing water - and it is helping all of us!
Once you taste this water and feel the difference in your body - there is
no going back! 
Gallery The Glass BOX | Storgatan 13, 38650 Mörbylånga - Sweden | Tel:: +46735360059 | artistbetinahuber@gmail.com