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Finding my path:
On top of being an artist & designer, I started my own Online Business this year - in order to support my family, after my husband was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor July 2018.
He had an urgent operation, since the tumour was pressing at his brain and risking his life, but since then we have done everything we can, to heal him the "natural" way, with a range of different protocols.
Its been quiet a challenge to do everything ourselves at the same time as paying for everything too - and that´s how I got into this affiliated marketing business.
I needed a way to support us during this time...... 
In my darkest moment, just after finding out my husband was sick - I was presented with this opportunity by a friend, who was just getting started in this affiliated marketing education herself, to create financiel freedom for herself! 
This totally resonated with me, since I had no clue on WHERE to look or HOW to get started in the entrepreneurial world, creating my own online business.
And so I JUMP ON - and its more than EPIC! 
And the BEST THING EVER,  my soul-tribe was waiting to greet me in here, well on board. And what a journey it has been ever since.
We are a tribe of freedom fighters, health nuts, people from the alternative sector, single parents, couples, workers, healers, warriors, and just PEOPLE who wants to create a BETTER life for our selves and our kids. A GREAT future for all us. 
For that to happen, we need to be able to support ourselves financial first, being FREE from any jobs, that do not serve us. We need to create MORE TIME for ourselves and our families and only then - we can actually make a different in the world. Only then its possible to contribute and help others create the same thing for them. 
This community of people all have the same CORE values in life - and we all know that TOGETHER we are STRONG. Together we can DO MORE, than doing it alone. Thats why I am here. Since I found this Tribe, I have been HOME. 
The HEART, SPIRIT and GOALS of this community blows me away, every day. Its a true blessing to be part of this community.
And even though we have a strong foundation in freedom, health & happiness - this is an education based platform for entrepreneurs that WORKS - applied to ANY business. That creates RESULTS. Big results - if you want.
This Education has IT ALL. Step by step I am learning from the BEST in the industry - expanding and growing every day! 
I am LEARNING everything I need to actually GROW my own online business - doing WHAT I love, without having to sell anything, making any coaching calls, or chase friends or family. Working from ANYWHERE I want, from my laptop or phone - creating financiel freedom for myself & my family. Learning everything about personal branding & online attraction marketing.
I can just concentrate on my personal growth, my art and my passions in life and in my case, helping my husband at the same time - getting his health back.
I am creating an abundant FUTURE for myself and my family now, with the support from a heart based community, and I am growing and learning SO MUCH each day! 
 This education is for you... 
- If you want to travel the world and work from anywhere
- If you want more time-freedom to do what you LOVE
- If you are looking for a way to start your own business online
- If you are an entrepreneur and you want to FASTTRACK your business even more
- If you are a coach and need to SPICE UP your business
- If you seek personal and financial growth, and need a huge shift in your life
- If you are looking for your own soul-tribe and purpose in life
You are welcome to join me and my tribe - and learn more about how we create an abundant lifestyle online..... anyone can do it! 
Contact me at artistbetinahuber@gmail.com or send me a message over facebook. 
Let´s talk!
Or start our 14 day FREE TRY OUT period, to go through the training in the back office and understand how it works - so you can see if it fits YOU and your GOALS before jumping in! Click here.... 
free masterclass
This is a JOURNEY of a lifetime...........welcome, if you are ready to change your life! 
I am here, together with many others in this tribe - to help, support and guide you all the way!
You are not alone.... 
Do you want to know HOW?
Do you want to create your own abundance?
Are you ready to say YES to yourself?
Claim your spot at our free masterclass and learn how you can start your journey today and join our beautiful tribe of freedom, health & abundance
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