My journey in life, this time around, is all about freedom, health & happiness. 
I am sharing my story here and I welcome you to join me..... Together we are stronger. Transparency,
Co-Creation and Connection are important tools we can use to grow, come together and learn from each other. 
If you want to come work with me, send me a message...... 
                       - Betina Huber

My journey ...

I found this Yin Yang fossil on my favorite beach yesterday... like the perfect reminder that life is not just light ... its also darkness.... and its all part of the totallity....
I have been in the darkness for so long now, that I sometimes forget how it feels to live in the light.... How it feels to laugh and to be happy?
But this stone made me remember that it takes light to cast a shadow.
And so I will patiently wait for the light, for my brake to come... cause its way over due now..... I am ready!
I pray for lighter days and happy moments.... once again
fossil öland yin yang
Today our cosmic tags, channeled by Elizabeth April arrived
For weeks and weeks my daughter and I have been waiting with exhitment to see our closest cosmic parallel self, our name, spieses and dimension.......
betina huber öland
It is time to get back in shape...
The past 4 months has been brutal, and I didnt have any energy or strength to go to the gym
Its time to take care of myself again
To get some energy back
Its my second day, and its not easy. Seriously, I had to drag myself down there today.... and 1 1/2 hours of mildly workout did not come easy, but it was so worth it.
I feel so much better now. I am beginning to feel my body again.... specially my feet with blisters on them, since its been too long since I power-walked
But now, after a long COLD shower I am slightly more energized, satisfied with my determination on this sunday and much happier!
On step at the time.... and it will all work out
betina huber öland mörbylånga
Today was a real good day
In the flow... aligned with myself, the moment and the entire universe.
Its amazing to be present in that state, open and recieving the flow of energy.... waw
And it is so easy to fall out of that state too.... but for now.... I am floating around, happy, creative and thankful for everything coming my way.
And its so funny, how easy it is to forget this feeling once out of the flow? And even more funny, how amazed I get every single time I am in the flow.... cause the manifestations happens instantly.
It still surprises me.... hahahah
Thank you thank you thank you
I am so grateful for these days in ease, all the amazing conversations and new encounters with new people..... 
betina huber konstglas öland
If anything, this past year... and especially these past 3 months, has taught me that NOTHING is garantied in life.
Nothing is promised us and absolutely nothing is ever for certain..... That being said... I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THAT.
I have been through yet another hard year, and because of that I have discovered so many new great things about myself.... that I thirsted for prior to this....
Things I couldnt reach inside myself.... and I had NO IDEA of how or where to find them? I felt them, I knew they were there... I just had NO KEY to unlock the gates to them.... read more.... 
betina huber
The gift of detachment
A big lesson for me, this summer - is clealy to learn to let go & to detach myself from absolutely everything.... it seams!
From old beliefs & paradigms
From old wounds & traumas
From old contracts & agreements
From limiting programs and especially from fer and worry about the future..... 
So many "old programs" and trickar buttons has been activated, these past few months... 
They have surfaced, I am facing them and this time around its time to release them and clear them out, once and for all.... read more
betina huber
This little angel lights up my life every single day
What a joy to experience life with this awake, magical & loving being....
I am so grateful..... 
betina huber
Learning to grow
More and more I realize that it´s all about balance...!
The balance between darkness and light: Without my darkest shadow I can´t see my true light... It is thanks to all of the difficulties I am facing, that I actually get in contact with my inner fire..... read more
These days I am doing ALOT of waiting, it feels like....
Today we went for yet another scan at the hospital... to see how everything looks on the inside of Håkans brain.
Now we have to wait for the results...
Waiting for signs
Waiting for strength
Waiting for answers ...... its not easy 
At the same time, the waiting period is OUR life.. each moment, and so all we can do is to enjoy it as much as possible....... read more
"Whoever has GRATITUDE will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have GRATITUDE, even what he has will be taken from him"
This is my second time around with this book... THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne ... and it is truly MAGICAL.......
I DO BELIEVE IN MAGIC... I see it all around me, each day. This world is filled with it.... 
In a very pratical way this book gives me the tools I need to fill my life with even MORE MAGIC.
My BEST TIP for a summer MUST-READ BOOK...... 
The sun is AMAZING
It feeds my soul
It activates my DNA
It energizes all life
What is freedom?
A question I have been contemplating lately... 
Is it a lifestyle?
A feeling?
A viewpoint?
A state of being?
Materialistic Posessions?
No boundaries?
No obligations?
No limits?
Or how do you define freedom? 
It´s great to be critical ..... To ask questions and to think/feel for yourself... But oh my, It´s getting difficult, when people attack every single thing going against their programming from a society that do not have their best interest at heart.
To defend the perpetrater... It´s the Stockholm syndrom right? ..... read more
The only prison that is keeping us from thriving is our own mental programs..... face your fears and let yourself out! 
It´s not easy, I know! 
My old programs are being triggered in the biggest way at this time... Going through this difficult situation in life... Many past lifetimes are surfacing and its time to release them with grace..... read more
Life never brings you what you planned...
You know that feeling of falling (from a high cliff) when life is twisting and turning in ways you never saw coming?
When you find yourself in situations you NEVER could predict in your wildest dreams or nightmares?
The ground you stand on is spinning so fast, so you barely can hang on?
When it feels like your whole existence is falling apart?
Thats when life is ACTUALLLY helping us re-arrange our "reality" in perfect timing... according to plan! ......... read more
One day at the time....
Today we made it to the beach.... ate lunch and hoped for a swim, but it was to windy so we only dipped our feet.
A small thing to do maybe, but a very big step, demanding a lot of effort when you are sick....
Thankful for a nice time together on the beach today..... <3 
A full day in my gallery.... and garden.
So much to dobut what a joy... its been awhile since I had time to work or create, and its not at all good for me. My soul and my heart is suffering, when I dont listen to my own inner voice.
When I am not creating something....
Its time to listen again. Time for me to love myself, first of all, instead of loving and caring about others .... while necklecting myself.... read more
Letting go of worry, control & fear of the future.... will open new doors and solutions you didnt even dream of.
We are multi-dimentional beings, manifested in a 3D body.... and our potential is limitless ..... if only:
We relax
We let go
We are present
We trust
We have an open heart
We start to listen to our own inner voice......... 
Ask yourself:
What can I let go of today, to ease my bagage?
Last summer, 10 months ago... we took this photo in Skagen/Denmark..... a few weeks before Håkan was diagnosed with brain cancer.
He was tired, but we had an amazing relaxing week together ..... mostly at the beach and not doing anything else than just being...... read more
No one knows how long time we get to stay here, in this life?
Our expering date is unknown!
Yet, so many people are taking action based on their fear of death each day? I am not afraid... of death... I know it is a beautiful transformation, and its gonna be the coolest thing EVER to experience - FOR REAL...... read more
To feel supported
To feel loved
To trust in a higher purpose
..... when life throws challenges your way... time after time after time.... is truly the REAL challenge!
To remember to breathe - in & out and re-connect with my core balance in my body - is not the easiest thing to do on a daily basis, when my life overwhelms me and demands almost impossible tasks of me?......... read more
... its getting hard?
Moments of love and togetherness is still there, but its getting harder & harder to keep the mood up?
Its so frustrating to see your loved one, in pain and despair... when there is not much more I can do - I am already doing EVERYTHING I possible can, to keep up the with all the protocols we are doing! ...... read more
Friends.... we must THANK you all so much!
We asked for help... and help we get. Its beyond words in how many ways your help is manifesting thses days.... little ways and big ways - its all so important to us.... read more
We made a small trip to the beach.... got to enjoy the water too!
It really takes some effort for Håkan to go out of the house, but it did us both REAL good..... Sunshine, healing - water & beautiful trees....... 
On the edge of life...
When I was a teenager, I dint yet understand my soul or why I was hurting SO MUCH?
(I only saw the chaos in the world around me and I felt all the pain in my heart) I had NO ONE (spiritual) around me that could support me, and I felt that I was the last soul of my kind, lost in a civilization that was different to me? .... read more 
A very demanding weekend is over....
I am so happy I got to open my gallery and work a little - cause I dont function when I cant be creative.... and for the past 9 months, I havnt been able at all....... read more
Ever felt like being chained?
To be unable to move?
I have, many times - during all the different nightmares I had to endure. Funny thing though... it was thanks to those nightmares in my life, I learned new skill sets, more about myself and I expanded my limits............ read more
These past weekshas been hell..... in and out of hospitals.... with the result of NO SLEEP for Håkan? ..... read more here.... 
Håkan had a serious relaps, cause his tumor is pressuring his brain so badly - and he cant get another operation because its too dangerous, and he might loose his speech.
We are still doing EVERYTHING we can the alternative way, hoping we can turn his body & immune system around, so he will survieve this. 
We are compeeting with time itself, and for the time being - I am taking care of him at home. We got a hospital bed in the living room, cause he is mostly resting and cant do anything by himself,,, so tired and feeling awful due to the cortison he has to take for the pressure...
This is a 24 hour jobb for me, with no payment (and no breaks) since artist dont get ANY help from the system, when needed! I have NO time for working, and NO energy myself, since I am the only one here to fix everything! 
Håkan is only getting 80% of his normal salery... and he was only working 80% as it was - to be able to help his son who has been struggeling the past 2 years. 
His son had to move to his mother now, cause we simply cant take care of him too - so now we need help, cause we simply cant affort it anymore.
If you like to help us, please share this website with your friends or on social media - so we can sell some artglass and fund his alternative treatments.
Help us get the word out..... 
In my webshop there is a 10-15 % discount on everything + I will pay for insurance and shipment to where you live, if you find something you like! 
Thank you so much for your support
This little SUN BEAM of pure light was born 9 years ago - TODAY!
Happy Birthday my little angel.... I LOVE YOU
She did not come out easily, but WAW - it was all worth it! 
Ever since that day, she has been the light and & joy of my life and the reason I have learned so much! ........ 
Today we are celebrating HER and looking forward to spend the day with her friends! 
This is WHY I ended up in this BEAUTIFUL TRIBE!
A few reasons WHY we are all drawn to this online business opportunity - and it absolutely still blows my mind, that once I jumped in and joined this tribe, how many fantastic people, all with a HUGE heart - There is gathered in here.....! 
I love them SOO MUCH... and this is what FREEDOM means to US! ... 
It is time to live a life YOU LOVE! ........ see the FULL VIDEO HERE 
This man is my REASON!
Well... I have a ton of other GOOD REASONS TOO, but thanks to my husband, and his healing journey from cancer - we found this FANTASTIC TRIBE!!!
And our lives have NOT been the same since then! Thanks to all of these incredible people in this tribe, from all over the world.......
Thanks to this amazing business opportunity!
..... and thanks to being open and brave enough to JUMP in..... read more
kärlek betina huber öland
Get PAID for being YOU!
My whole life I have been searching for a way to support myself doing what I love to do! I never sesonated with the "normal" way of living, conforming - getting myself a job, cause the system never made sense to me?
I went in my own direction, when I dropped out of college almost 3 years in, because I didn´t see the point of wasting anymore time there, when the end goal was nothing that I truly wanted! I wanted to become an ARTIST - to be free, create and live life on MY TERMS...... read more... 
betina huber öland
I found my tribe... cause I was LOOKING for answers!
I was asking for an answer to my difficult situation this summer, and I recieved an answer SO BIG that it chocked me and changed my whole life...
When you ask - it is given! Oh yes..... 
And to this day, I am still amazed that the answer I got, worked PERFECTLY to all of the different facets of my problem?? Just incredible? ...... read more... 
Ready to be Ready???
When I PUSH and WORK HARD to get where I want to be - it never works out! I BLOCK and PUSH back, everything I desire. Since WHAT I vibrate - attracts equal vibration. FOR REAL... If I want a different result, I need to do things differently! 
So HOW do I accomplish WHAT I want?
I TUNE myself vibrationally to my desires. And HOW do I do that? .... read more... 
How to master your alignment...
What you focus on - WILL GROW! ALWAYS...
So... being on this healing journey for 7 months now, is a tricky ride!
It´s not at all easy, when you find yourself in a certain situation (like being sick) - NOT to focus on it! Specially when it affects your whole day and have changed your whole life around? ..... read more
Superpowers and getting to our next level 
After years of iving a great, but challenging life - I realize that my darkest periods have been my biggest gifts!
How is that?
When we face difficult situations, we HAVE TO dig deep into our selves to find a solution / we are forced, and in this - WE GROW and get to our next level........ read more 
betina huber håkan öland
Second day of our Wim Hof breathing exercise - WAW
I have never fully understod the power of breathing .... but waw. I feel it now in my body after doing this in the morning!
My fingers are tingling and I can stand under the cold shower without wanting to sceam. Its amazing .... read more here.... 
betina huber öland
This morning we started a new morning ritual - The Wim Hof Method (never get sick again)
.... and it felt amazing!
3x30 deep breaths basically and you can learn how to control your immune system and entire body!
snow betina huber öland
It takes NO guts to be sceptical!
Did you know that?
(Scepticism is your FEAR talking. You are so scared of falling and dont´t want to get your hopes up, in case you get disappointed) 
It takes GUTS to BELIEVE, to KNOW and to take ACTION.
If you think something or someone is going to PROVE that to you first, that this is really true - you are never gonna reach the results of your dreams.... 
YOU have to BELIEVE it first
YOU have to FEEL it first
to VISUALICE it first
and then YOU take ACTION towards your desire..... read more.... 
betina huber porto beach shadow
These singing bowls are amazing
I have always been drawn to them and it´s such a fantastic feeling when the sound vibration & frequency penetrates my body! WAW
Last night I had the pleasure to do it myself - to create this powerful sound and to sit in the magical vibration and just ENJOY.
I even put water inside - and the sound got even visual in the surface. Magical powers hides in these powerful tools..... 
You can hear me play on it here....  I got my own bowl with me home, after our weekend in Gothenburg..... 
singing bowl göteborg betina huber
So great to be back at my gym
This past week, I have been in Borås, to set up and open my exhibition, and therefor I missed my daily workout totally... 
Today I was back in action, and it felt Great! 
When ever I have a set back, like this - no training for 6 days.... its always a challenge to get back into my rythm again - but after a heavy start today, it felt much better!
To move my body and feel my hole system PUMPING and BREATHING brings so much power to my life 
malkers mörbylånga workout betina huber
Bergdala / Sweden 
Back in Business
Today I was back - in the forest & The Kingdom of Crystal - att the Glass Factory to blow some more NEW Oil Lamps.
So amazing to be back, after 6 months away ..... to feel the flow of creativity again, of endless potential and FUN in the Hotshop! Thank you for today,,, what a pleasure ...
Connected to self
Connected to others
Connected to community
I am a lonely wolf - I LOVE TO BE ALONE - I cherish my alone-time... and I savour every minute of it! It is in this space, I am creative - my heart is swimming over with joy, when I give myself TIME to be ME.
That being said, I need to balance myself and my alone-time with being "social" as well. Even though that is a much smaller time-period of my life, it is equal important........... For the most part of my life, I have been a tom-girl, and mostly hanging out guys ... doing more maskuline things and hobbies ....... read more 
betina huber öland
No more "just getting by"
I have been an independant artist for 10 years now. Getting by, day by day - with no security or safety net, never been paid during sickness and with basicly no rights in society. Living on a rock.... I have followed my HEART & CREATIVITY, and I love my life & work - but I never seamed to be thriving the way I wanted. I knew there was more to life, than just getting by.
I just didn´t know how to do that? How to follow my HEART and THRIEVE at the same time? .......... this summer I found my answer......... read more
betina huber öland
Keys to the Castle..... 
I have been a student, frankly - for the biggest part of my life. After my 10 years in school, I continued for 13 years studying Design & Art, cause I have always felt that deep calling towards CREATIVITY...... I knew I wanted to learn from the BEST - and I knew that once I learned the SKILL-SET of something, I had invested in myself and my future...... read more 
my story betina huber
What a blessing it is to be my own boss!! 
Today has been such a beautiful day <3 
First a really great work-out in the gym, to get my hole body moving... then a nice lunch with my sweetheart and a wonderful walk in the sun afterwards!
Kärlek öland betina huber
Its important to be grateful - EACH DAY, cause the amount of gratitude felt deeply in the body, is equivalent to the result you will experience in your life... read more 
grateful betina huber
happy new year betina huber öland
Happy New Year
to all of you from 
The Magical Island
2019 Here I come
In this past year, 2018 - I have learned SO MUCH. Looking back, I clearly see the transformation I have been going through. I had to face alot of tough stuff in order to step up and realise my true potential.
Like a butterfly, going through stages of transformation - I have done my preparation, the waiting pariod is over. I am ready for 2019 - READY to spread my wings and fly with all of you beautiful butterflies out there. 
butterfly öland betina huber gott nytår
christmas jul betina huber
öland betina huber
"Christmas Dip of the day"
From our beautiful island of Öland - we wish you all a merry christmas 
öland betina huber
quotes betina huber
öland betina huber
öland betina huber
Being gratefull every day - for all the magic in my life! For all the love & how FUN it is to be alive....... Thank you
öland betina huber natur
Today I was invited to lunch, by my friend - the ONE & ONLY James Bond of Sweden... actually he is the first friend I made here, when I moved to Sweden.
10 years ago, he came to me with a project - and while our lives has played out in the meantime - today, we actually brought that project back to life again!
Its gonna be so interesting to see where it leads......  read more here
james bond museum nybro betina huber
Christmas GIVE AWAY <3 
I am giving these 3 pieces of unique jewellery away, and if you would like to win them, you do this on facebook:
1: Review my NEW facebook page Betina Huber
2: Share the post on facebook
3: Comment below the post, with your name ..... read more here 
christmas give away
ÅÅÅÅhhhhhhhh My ... I AM IN LOVE
Discovered "The massage chair" at our new GYM yesterday! WAAAW <3 
I am totally doing this every day now! So strong, so gooood and it reminds me of when I was 14 years old and we found out, that my back was "off" in every possible way, and my doctor (the butcher" as he was called) wanted to cut me open, front and back........ read more
öland betina huber
öland betina huber
Life changing Transformation
Are you happy where you are? Or do you long for a change, or a different result in your life? We are all wotht it, right?
But, like me - I didn´t really know where to look for the answer, fitting my desire??
I have always been a seeker - always been aware that what I dream of and what I know is waiting for me - is actually out there .... but, just didn´t know HOW to get there? .......... read more 
öland betina huber
Let´s DO THIS!
We just invested in ourselves and our health! 14 months in this amazing NEW GYM (they built just 100 meter from our house) Isn´t that PERFECT?! 
These past 5 months of this healing journey, we have been on - has totally drained us from energy... especially me anyway, since I have been running around fixing all kinds of alternative treatments for Håkan...... read more 
workout öland betina huber
"Creating a true UBUNTU community"
My heart and core essence in life, has always resonated with the philosophy of the UBUNTU lifestyle: If it´s good for all, it´s good for me. A way of living that supports us all at the same time. Freedom, collaboration and a healthy foundation of our community - so we all can thrive and grow together.......... read my full text here.... 
ubuntu community betina huber öland
öland mörbylånga betina huber
In 2013 I "woke-up" to myself and to the world around and was deeply affected by MY NEW REALITY. that was slowly revealing itself to me.
Synchronicities reappeared in my life again, and one day a customer came to my Gallery "The Glass BOX" and wanted me to create 2 BIG glass lamps for his house........ read more..... 
gettlinge gravfält betina huber öland
This Magical Island
.... constantly WAW me, in it´s beauty and in it´s raw expression. Since I first came to Öland for the first time, I have LOVED living here - but it actually took me 3 years to discover the REAL NATURE of this Island. Unbelievable, right?
I was so busy "living" my new life - starting my life as a fulltime artist, in a new country - learning how to be a mom and a parent to my new born daughter.... read more 
betina huber öland
Today was COLD. But we "ICE-DIPPED" anyway...... ;-) ..... see our video here... 
öland betina huber
Have you changed relationship, house, job or experienced ego-collapse or spiritual downloads since 2016? 
If you have ..... listen to this ........ 
öland gettlinge gravfält betina huber
Gettlinge Gravfält + Me, meditating.... 
A little HELLO to all of you out there - I wish you a great day! Warm sunny hugs from Öland....... see the video here.... 
öland betina huber
Today was our first "ICE WATER DIP" ......... see the video here :-) 
betina huber öland
Home sweet home - so good to be home on our Magical Island. Cold and grey, but quiet and peaceful ...... 
betina huber öland home
The Botanic Garden in Gotenburg 
betina huber botaniska
This Botanic Garden in Gothenburg is one of our favorite places, and we go here several times a year, just to walk in nature, enjoy all the colors and feel the healing energy. Its our DATING garden...... Love the energy and vibration of this garden... read more 
betina huber botaniska
We had a hole weekend in Göthenburg this weekend - getting more Frequency Treatment - but also having time for the Christmas Marked in Haga, our FAVORITE place in Gothenburg....... more 
betina huber haga göteborg
I have spent my hole "Black Friday" OUTSIDE...... in nature today - pure HEALING - pure LOVE...... 
betina huber black friday
öland betina huber
betina huber öland
öland betina huber
öland betina huber
"The higner we jump - the bigger the splash" 
This past 4 months - going through this healing journey, due to my husbands brain cancer .... has changed our lives! 
Every "obstacle" on the road, is actually JUST a possibility to change direction, right!? ..... and so we did, we HAD to ....... read more 
öland betina huber
Öland betina huber natur
This is the FIRST TIME I am sharing this kind of PERSONAL information... so here it comes....... 
So symbolic - 6 years ago - I created a face book page called "Wake-up" - so I could share all the AMAZING stuff, I was studying and constantly researching in my own awakening, with you guys..... right? Learn and share...... read more..... 
elizabeth april medium
öland betina huber natur
öland betina huber
Today was COOOLD - but we did it again. My fingers and toes went numb...... but we feel SO ALIVE doing this.... its crazy ..... to "strip" in the cold wind, and get into the freezing water ..... it truly awakens the body ............................ read more.... 
öland water betina huber
WE DID IT ...... We turned a nightmare into a blessing, and now almost EXACT 4 months later.... we finally got some GOOD NEWS....... 
A very aggressive brain tumour (or what was left of it, after my husbands operation) has stopped growing, and is SHRINKING...... !!! ITS FANTASTIC
öland healing journey betina huber
öland betina huber
öland betina huber artist
I live in paradise .....
This Island is full of new adventures and beauty, around every corner. Colour, sound and smells fills my body and awakens my soul...... read more........ 
öland betina huber strand
AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH it´s so refreshing and COOOOOLD - especially to get dressed afterwards - in the chilly wind ......... read more..... 
öland betina huber
Pink PASSION Juice 
We make this ECO veggie juice almost every day - and our kids LOVES it.
Its SOOO sweet and it has incredible health benefits, like Vitamin A, K and Beta Carotene from the carrots and antioxidants and folate from the beets + anti-inflammatory benefits from the ginger... and so much more
It goes straight into your blood and boost your immune system - PURE LOVE 
green juice öland betina huber
Home-made Kombucha - JUST LOVE IT.
Kombucha is a carbonated tea-based probiotic drink that is often drunk for its health benefits or medical reasons.... it can easily be made at home by fermenting tea using a form of yeast/bacteria. This probiotic bacteria of the Kombucha are miniature bio-chemical engines adding potent metabolic acids, vitamins and other health valuable elements as the tea is fermenting..... It detox the body and helps the immune system. 
It´s SO good - specially if you add Ginger, Lemon or Cinnamon ..... TRY IT 
kombucha öland betina huber
Healthy Water
WATER - is our most important resource in life. But...... We need CLEAN WATER. Not water full of chemicals, fluoride, Chlorine and all kinds of pestisides..... not for drinking, not for showering! 
We need CLEAN WATER - not clear water
We need ACTICATED WATER - not dead bottled water with fluoride and chimicals
healing water öland betina huber
On the right track..... 
I found the right path, through the jungle of online buisness. I am now part of a community where we support one another in all areas of life; that being health, mental work or buisness related growth..... It is a true WAW-FACTOR and EYE-OPENER in my life, cause I am NOT used to that!? .... read more..... 
betina huber freedom öland
The POWER of visualisation..... 
I am a very visual soul. Color, shapes and textures excites me more than anything, and spending time outdoors always gives me so much pleasure. No matter the weather..... 
The ability to visualise - whatever it may be - is one of the most powerfull tools we have......  Read the hole story here..... 
öland betina huber
In the Zone..... 
I am an artist. A free spirit. I always seek to create from my heart, weather it´s creating my art pieces in glass or painting a painting ...... 
artist betina huber öland
We got married 
I Married this WONDERFULL soul.
But it did NOT turn out the way we had planned - at all..... 
betina huber öland bryllup
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