1. only registered artmoney artists can issue artmoney

2. artmoney must hold the measure 12x18 cm (4 3/4 x 7 inch) and CLEARLY state year of production, serial number, land, artist name, signature and WWW.ARTMONEY.ORG  

3. artmoney must be original, hand made art. In case of photo, print or graphics it must be worked over by hand

4. artmoney holds a steady value of Danish Kroner 200 (approx. 27 Euro or 34 US Dollars). The value is set from the central office, and may increase with inflation

5. artmoney can be used as a currency world wide at registered artmoney shops or anywhere that acceptance is found

6. every artmoney artist must accept artmoney as payment up to 50%

7. artmoney is not to be exchanged back into regular money


Buddha - Coming and/or going
Reflected Sanctity

Blue fires my Heart
Dragons within
Night Wanderer

Artmoney is a project started by the Danish artist Lars Kraemmer

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Berit A. Faber