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Visa & permit

The work permit is a work licence for non European people to work in Austria. The permit is valid for 2 years.
For the permit there are 2 requirements:
- 52 weeks of employment and living in Austria or
- Dependant (family member àwhen someone has a permit and the person has been    living 1 year in Austria, then the partner or child can apply for it too)
The expenses are:
For the application € 43,-
For the attachment € 3,60
And for exhibition of the permit € 76,- and € 6,50

European Union members and Swiss people do not need a visa for staying in Austria.
There are 4 different visas:

1) Schengen-Visa. This visa is for non-European Union Members, who stay less than 90 days. The cost amounts to about € 60,-.
Some documents are necessary:
Completed and signed application form
Passport picture meeting the ICAO-criteria
Copies of previous Schengen visa, if any
Travel itinerary/reservation
For students: confirmation of enrolment
For retirees: proof of entitlement for retirement benefits

2) Visa D
The Visa D is a national visa, which entitles the holder of the visa to stay for a period from 91 days up to six months in Austria.
The fee for a visa of more than 90 days is 100 Euros.
The visa application form for a long-term stay can be collected at the respective Austrian representation free of charge.
3) Job-seeker visas
High-skilled third-country nationals who would like to seek employment in Austria can apply for a residence visa, category D with a period of validity of six months.
Besides compliance with the general requirements for the issuance of visas the applicant needs to provide evidence regarding his/her special qualifications.

4) Red-White-Red Card
This aims to facilitate the immigration of qualified third-country workers and their families with a view to permanent settlement in Austria, based on personal and labour-market related criteria.
The Red-White-Red Card is issued for a period of twelve months and entitles the holder to fixed-term settlement and employment by a specified employer.
The following persons are eligible for a Red-White-Red Card:
very highly qualified workers
skilled workers in occupations where there is a shortage of workers
other key workers
graduates of Austrian universities and colleges of higher education
self-employed key workers
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