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Holidays & Leasure

Holidays and festivities 2017

Jan 1 - New Year’s Day - National holiday
Feb 26 - Carnival Observance
Mar 26 - Daylight Saving Time starts - Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
Apr 9 - Palm Sunday - Observance
Apr 13 - Maundy Thursday - National holiday
Apr 14 - Good Friday - National holiday
Apr 16 - Easter Day - National holiday
Apr 17 - Easter Monday - National holiday
May 1 - Labor Day / May Day - Observance
May 12 - Great Prayer Day - National holiday
May 25 - Ascension Day - National holiday
Jun 4 - Whit Sunday - National holiday
Jun 5 - Whit Monday - National holiday
Jun 5 - Constitution Day - Observance
Oct 29 - Daylight Saving Time ends - Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
Dec 24 - Christmas Eve - Observance
Dec 25 - Christmas Day - National holiday
Dec 26 - 2nd Christmas Day - National holiday
Dec 31 - New Year’s Eve - Observance
School holidays (not colleges and universities)
Autumn holiday – 1 week (mid October)
Christmas holiday – 12-14 days
Winter holiday – 1 week (mid February)
Easter holiday – 8 days (March/April)
Summer holiday – 6 weeks (July/August)

It is very common for Danes to join a sports club or to do after school activities. There is a large range of possibilities both especially in the cities and towns, a little less in the rural areas. 
People in Denmark like to go to the beach. With almost 9.000 km of coast line, it is alwasy easy to find a peaceful place where you can take a swim. The only problem is the weather, as it rains a lot in Denmark. The average temperature at summer is 21 degrees. If not very hot, you can enjoy the long light evenings.
People in Denmark use their bikes a lot. Many like to excercise and keep fit. There is hardly a sport that you can't find in Denmark. We are very fond of soccer and handball.
We do not get a lot of snow, nor do we have mountains, so skiing is something we go to Norway, Sweden or Austria to do. 
Instead we like to stay home to "hygge". We like to have a good time with friends and family in a nice and cosy atmosphere
Many young people get a job after schcol. It could be at supermarkets, restaurants or shops... They like to earn some pocket money to buy their own clothes and other stuff.
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