About us

Budadogs is a 100% non-profit, idealistic dog adoption project run by Norwegian veterinary students in Budapest.  Our work deals with rescuing and rehoming unwanted dogs in Budapest. Our aims are several.

Adoption of unwanted dogs

Budadogs recieves unwanted dogs and strays and also have rescued dogs from the Budapest city pound. We cooperate with other local rescue organizations or shelters and also take dogs through the veterinary university who have been left by owners who do not want them and also strays found by locals or students. We also cooperate with a Hungarian organisation outside of Bp and assist in taking on some of the many dogs that come to them.


Budadogs also has a few dogs on for rehabilitation. These animals have been grossely neglected, mistreated, abused and sometimes tortured. They are in dire need of medical treatment and psychological rehabilitation. These animals will not be adopted through our usual channels.

Who we are?

Budadogs consists of Veterinary students Anouska Godtfredsen Andenaes Caroline Holtet, Maud Kristine Heier, Eve Thoresen, Ina Tronrud, Amanda Spring, Runa Vintervold, Ida Aksnes, Clodagh ODea and Susanne Karlsen.